KMazing – This year, Netflix will release the Korean adaptation of the drama Money Heist. Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area is a Korean drama based on the Spanish film “La Casa de Papel or Money Heist.”

Netflix has also released a special teaser that gives a glimpse of the interesting visuals of the series. The Korean version of Money Heist will be broadcast exclusively on Netflix for 12 episodes.

The Money Heist KDrama will be set on the Korean Peninsula and show the prowess of a genius alongside thieves with various abilities and personalities who commit massive heists.


Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area is directed by Kim Hong Sun. A number of well-known talents also appear in this production. Let’s have a peek at the cast of the series before it airs.

The Casts of Money Heist KDrama

Yoo Ji Tae
Yoo Ji Tae is an actor, director, and scriptwriter. In this drama, Yoo Ji Tae will play a professor who in the original series was played by lvaro Morte. The professor is a mysterious and charismatic main character.

Money Heist KDrama

Park Hae Soo
Park Hae Soo started his career in acting in 2007. He is currently managed under BH Entertainment. The 40-year-old man was widely known while playing Cho Sang Woo in the Squid Game series. In the Korean version of the drama Money Heist, Park Hae Soo will act as Berlin, who is known as a firm and calm figure.

Money Heist KDrama

Jeon Jong Seo
Jeon Jong Seo debuted in 2018. The actress born July 5, 1994, will play the role of Tokyo. In the original series, Tokyo is Professor and Berlin’s first recruit.

Money Heist KDrama

Lee Won Jong
This senior Korean actor will play the role of Moscow who is the father of Denver. Moscow is a former miner turned criminal.

Money Heist KDrama

Kim Ji Hoon
The actor who was born on May 9, 1981, will play the role of Denver. He is a boy from Moscow, who joins a robbery mission and falls in love with his hostage.

Jang Yoon Joo
Jan Yoon Joo is a famous Korean model who is currently part of ESteem Entertainment. This 1980-born actress will play the role of a Nairobi who is an expert in counterfeiting and is tasked with printing money.

Lee Kyu Ho
The Korean actor who was born in 1985 made his acting debut in 2002 through the film R.U. Ready. In the Korean version of the drama Money Heist, Lee Kyu Ho plays Oslo, a veteran soldier who is also a cousin of Helsinki.