KMazing – At the beginning of 2019 K-Drama lovers were entertained by the presence of a classy Korean drama, Encounter, starring two top actors, Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-Kyo. TVN began broadcasting the drama at the end of November 2018 and it is fact to say that this romantic melodrama is booming.

Encounter takes the theme of the relationship between two people who have very different backgrounds. Cha Soo-Hyun is a president of a luxury hotel chain that has been widowed and always been pressured by her ex-husband’s family. While in Cuba, she met Kim Jin-hyuk, an ordinary young man with a positive spirit who was able to enlighten her gloomy heart. Their story becomes more interesting when Jin-hyuk is then accepted to work at Soo-Hyun’s hotel and become closer toward each other. But we are not here talking about the plot, rather we will focus ourselves on the beautiful artists who starred in this drama, here are three of them.

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Kwak Sun-young

This beautiful actress is actually a debutant in the world of K-Drama because she only played drama twice, her first work is on the drama Your Honor with the role of Song Ji-Yeon. Five years ago she appeared as one of the extras in Song Hye-Kyo’s film My Brilliant Life. Now in the drama Encounter she acts as a personal secretary and a loyal friend of Song Hye-Kyo.

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Kwak Sun-young is able to show her character’s emotions perfectly through the act with lifeless expression and gloomy due to her hectic work in taking care of the life of her boss, Cha Soo-Hyun. Not to mention her personal life is quite empty because she has no loving partner. As the story unfolds, she now has a love-hate relationship with Dae-chan which is quite unique.

Jeon So-ni

Another debutant actress who also got an important supporting role in Encounter is Jeon So-ni. The 27-year-old woman debuted in drama Encounter, but also appeared in the film After My Death and will appear in the film Bad Police.

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credit: Soompi

Jeon So-ni plays Jo Hye-in, Kim Jin-hyuk’s old friend harbored feelings for him. She also became Jin-hyuk’s senior at Donghwa Hotel. Even though her love is one-sided, she always tries to help and protect Jin-hyuk from people who want to do evil to him.

Song Hye-Kyo

Everyone already knows that Song Hye-Kyo is the biggest star in this drama. The fans all around the world have known her for a long time because she has been active in the entertainment world since she was a teenager. The dramas he starred in from the early 2000s have always been successful, namely Autumn in My Heart, All In, Full House, That Winter, the Wind Blows, and Descendants of the Sun. Hye-Kyo is one of the best Korean actresses of all time.

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In the Encounter drama, Song Hye-Kyo playing the main character Cha Soo-Hyun who successfully became the CEO of a giant hotel chain due to her divorce alimony. Soo-Hyun will always be faced with a tycoon family of her ex-husband who wants to destroy her life.