Gong Yoo shared his perspective and expressed his friendship to many of his colleague on his fan meeting in Taiwan on April 27. The star first gain affection from public with his performance on television series “Goblin” and the exceptionally well-received movie “Train to Busan”.  With star label on the actor, his view on recent trendy lifestyle also becoming an attention for the public.

During fan meeting, Gong Yoo was asked about the in-existence of his social media, his answer was rather conservative and originally pure as the actor told the fans that, people are not being themselves on social media rather faking their life just to grab the attention, and he doesn’t like that. Plus, He doesn’t like taking selfies.

“I don’t like taking selfies. When I go somewhere, I’d rather be looking at the sights with my eyes rather than take pictures.” – Gong Yoo

On the same occasion Gong Yoo also expressed his feeling on his co-stars, Lee Dong Wook and all the casts of “Goblin”. He exert that the success of the series is due to the excellent performances of all the cast member. He then single out Lee Dong Wook, saying that “Lee Dong Wook was a co-star who was especially more considerate. He’s a friend who has been acting for a long time so it was very comfortable.” The stars have known each other since their military service together.

“I’ve always thought he was an amazing guy while we were in the military together but I came to think that he’s even a better person as we worked together for ‘Goblin’.” – Gong Yoo on Lee Dong Wook


The actor was also asked to pick one person he would take if zombie apocalypse really happen, and his answer is shockingly not human, but his two cats. “it would be really scary if my cats turn into zombie cats after getting bitten.” said Gong Yoo. The stars didn’t even picked his parents as he said it would be unfair to choose only one of them. Gong Yoo really know how to joke around, completing his already well-mannered personality.





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