Top 10 Best Drama of 2018 That Will Hook You Right Into K-Drama World


KMazing – The year of 2018 can be categorized as one of the best years for South Korean drama or K-Drama as we called it. This triumph certainly cannot be separated from a series of drama titles that success to attract a lot of attention from the audience globally. Unlike last year where the K-Drama was dominated by the thriller, action and criminal genres. K-drama in 2018 has much more various genres. These variations certainly make the audience less bored to follow the storyline.

Like the previous year, this time there were several drama titles from South Korea that in our humble opinion is one of the best. The drama that we present below not only has interesting themes and genres but also coupled with the way their storyline unfold that makes the viewers reluctant to miss every episode that airs.

We do know that the process of choosing drama by basing it on ratings can become the source of a heated conversation among fans of Korean drama but just so you know that this list is based on our discussions. You’ll also spot several drama titles that are still airing but have shown the premise of being good drama so we will just go with it. So, here are the 10 best dramas of 2018 composed by KMazing team. Enjoy.

10What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim holds the record as the highest rated drama on the cable television station. The drama itself was aired on June to July 2018, every Wednesday and Thursday on TvN. The story of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is based on Jung Kyung-Yoon’s novels and comics published in 2013 and 2015 at KakaoPage. The drama series is starring Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-young as the main characters.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim tells about a young CEO who is known to be smart, effective in his work, and accomplished. He has a secretary with abilities that can be said to be balanced. The lives of both of them began to change when the secretary decided to resign from her position after working hard for the past 9 years. The story of the past and the romance began to unfold.

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Drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is interesting because it doesn’t only favor the romance of the two main characters. But the touch of humor and the chemistry between the cast which also laid a foundation as the special attraction.



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