Korean drama is now intruding the TV drama industry all over the world. If years ago we only see Western drama on TV, now this country from Asia is showing you what drama should look like. South Korea owns drama that filled with bunch of deep, meaningful, and lovely stories. The story between two lovebirds is just an intrigued scene to watch. Heart-breaking yet beautiful is the specific characteristic of romantic Korean dramas. There are many of Korean dramas which included romance so which one that worth to watch? Here are some recommendations best from the best romantic Korean drama.


Huge gap lovebirds’ story

One of the most popular Korean dramas of the whole time must be “Descendants of the Sun”. Strong chemistry blows between special force captain and the doctor. With war and military as the main setting, this lovebirds need to tangle all the differences and heart-breaking situation. Another big gap love also showed in romantic Korean drama “My Love from the Star”. This best romantic Korean drama tells you about the romance sneaked in to lovely Korean Alien and snob clumsy actress. The unexpected special feeling buried under each other heart leads to sweet story between them.

There is a little touch of humour in it so it is perfect to entertain you. Huge gap that border between two souls is indeed the perfect romantic drama ever. Once again romantic drama that includes forbidden love is “The Heirs”. Famous Korean actors, Lee Min-ho and Kim Woo-bin, and actress, Park Shin-hye, play big role here. A triangle love blossoms between the handsome and rich Korean hotel heir, his maid’s daughter, and his old rival. The daughter of wealthy family’s helper, named Eun-Sang, is struggling to live among wealthy family environment. Eun-Sang with the background of poor family is studying in the high privileged school.

Royal romance drama

The romance that brought by the South Korea is not only from today’s romantic story. The imperial setting is also great to watch and even more profound since there are bunch of betrayals, politic issues, and rules that cannot be broken. The first must-watched royal setting is “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”. This story comes with hidden romance between the king and his shaman. Their love is not going smooth as silky jelly. After the shaman selected to be the future King’s wife, her enemies are jealous and harm her so she cannot crowned as the princess.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Outlawed love also sprouts out in “The Princess’ Man”. The unpredictable love between young princess and noble man are beautifully stranded. Unfortunately their families are against each other. This best romantic Korean drama is like Korean version of Romeo and Juliet with more deep conflicts. If you like Wonder Woman, you may want to watch “Queen Seon Deaok”. This true story drama is collected from the history book of Korean imperials. Queen Seon Deaok was the well-known beautiful and intelligent queen that once ruled the Silla Kingdom. Her way to achieve the throne was not easy at all. The politic intrigues, betrayals, and dreadful scenes are all in this ancient historical drama.