KMazing – South Korea has never lacked beautiful actress. Born from various generations, these actresses graced many Korean dramas and films enjoyed by the wider community around the world.

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Their actions have become famous in many places because, in addition to being beautiful, these pretty faces are also good and skilled in their role. This time we will discuss the row of the latest generation of K-Drama beaut and their most recent drama.

Kim So-Hyun

Still very young and beautiful plus has a good acting skill, Kim So-Hyun is the new idol of Asian teens. For many years playing in TV dramas as a young version of the main actress, the actress with the title of “Korean Little Sister” finally got a more mature role on the screen, namely in the teen drama Who Are You: School 2015 which is quite popular.

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Latest drama: Radio Romance
Kim So-Hyun gets his first romantic role on a rom-com. Paired with Yoon Doo-Joon from Highlight, she plays Song Geu-rim, a radio assistant screenwriter who is clumsy and messy. She got a big problem because the show’s main artist is familiarly disobeyed the rule and refused to broadcast.

Nam Ji-Hyun

Nam Ji-Hyun’s great potential has been snuffed out since she started her career as a child actress and later became a teenage actress. The breadth of her acting experience makes the actress who famous for her super sweet smile become the leading role of TV series. Not long, Nam Ji-Hyun has even been made the main character in the drama Shopaholic Louis with Seo In-guk.

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Latest drama: 100 Days My Prince
100 Days My Prince is one of the most successful colossal dramas of the year 2018 that is able to break the record for non-terrestrial TV rating. Pairing with EXO’s Do Kyung-soo, the chemistry of both of them was very well intertwined from beginning to end. The visual and elegance of Nam Ji-Hyun as a village girl former noble princess radiates perfectly, especially in beautiful Hanbok clothing.

Jung In-sun

Another actress whose name got into trending in 2018 is Jung In-sun. Having an innocent face and motherly aura, she was twice cast into a single mom character in the drama Welcome to Waikiki and Terius Behind Me. Jung In-sun used to debut as a child actress and from year to year milling around on the screen until the initial spotlight began to be gotten in the middle of 2016.

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Latest drama: Terius Behind Me
Jung In-sun gets a golden opportunity to be paired with the famous actor So Ji-sub in this drama. She plays the mother of two small children who have lost her husband. She is the neighbor of So Ji-sub who is a legendary secret agent. The drama that took rom-com mystery genre is exciting and unique. That’s why the rating of this drama is very solid from beginning to end.

Im Soo-Hyang

Some time ago not many people knew this beautiful actress. But lately, Im Soo-Hyang’s name has been increasingly discussed due to the popularity of My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. The Busan-born actress is actually not a newcomer, she made her debut in 2009 and has played in the drama Inspiring Generation.

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Latest drama: My ID Is Gangnam Beauty
Im Soo-Hyang plays Kang Mi-rae, a young girl who is always insecure about her unattractive physical appearance. She then decided to do facial surgery and changed her visual to become a very beautiful girl. But new problems arise. Mi-rae still feels insecure, clumsy, and even bullied by her college friends.