When it comes Sunday, it feels like we deserve some me time. And that is actually 100% correct. We do deserve some relaxing time only for ourselves. After a week of exhausting work that drains so much energy, a perfect weekend is basically napping on the comfy couch while watching favorite TV dramas. And what could be more exciting than enjoying Netflix dramas? You can watch very range of genre from romance to thriller on Netflix. And thanks to the globalisation, technology advances, and the popularity of Korean culture as well, you can now please your mind with great Kdramas on Netflix.


Feel the romantic Kdramas

Romantic drama is the favorite genre to relax your mind. You do not have to squeeze your brain to give it a little entertainment. However, romantic Kdramas are beyond those cheesy light dramas. Kdramas are famous for their meaningful, profound, and sweet scenes. “Descendants of the Sun” is the best representative for that definition. This drama tells about two young souls that forced to experience tough love in military setting. The deep emotion and tearing-up scene yet beautiful will break your heart inside out. More heart-breaking Netflix Kdrama is “One More Time” which released in 2016.

Starring by the well-known Yoon So-hee and Kim Myung-soo from popular Korean boy-band “Infinite”, this drama brings the fantasy drama to the world of an indie band singer. His life is going on the same day every day with the mission he needs to accomplish. The next one of the Kdramas on Netflix recommended to watch is “Can We Get Married?” from 2012. If you want to get some comedy, this drama suits you a lot. Just like its title, the story of this drama is mostly about marriage which the outline is about pushy mother who has desire to have wealthy men as her son-in-law. However, the youngest daughter just does not want to get along with that.


Detective on action

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who wants something more serious and fond of mystery drama, therefore you should choose for crime and detective dramas. Do not think that Kdramas are only listed with romantic drama because Kdramas have intrigued murder case drama as well. Criminal investigation and mystery Kdramas on Netflix that you must to watch are “Stranger”, “Black”, and “Man to Man”. “Stranger” or you can find it by another title “Forest of Secrets” is the kind of crime Kdrama that you want to watch.

Accompanied with warm detective, a cold and tight prosecutor is following clue by clue to solve the murder cases. Both the story and the filming quality are great and well-made. On the other hand, “Black” is crime Kdrama with touch of supernatural mystery. A gifted girl who can communicate with grim reaper will serve you with thrilling and complicated story. Moving on from dense criminal and mystery scene, “Man to Man” is more like action TV drama. If you are the fans of Mission Impossible and other secret agent stories, you must like this Netflix action Kdrama. This drama tells you how a secret agent is doing his mission through covering his true identity and become popular celebrity’s bodyguard.