KMazing – “Chief Kim” is a drama directed by Lee Jae-Hoon, and the screenwriter for the series is Park Jae-Bum. Starring Namgoong Min, Nam Sang-Mi, Lee Jun-Ho, and Jung Hye-Sung. Chief Kim is scheduled to air for 16 episodes and on air through KBS2 every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 Korean time, replacing Oh My Geum-Bi’s airing slot.

Chief Kim’s drama is also known as Kim Gwajang (literal title) or Good Manager (english title). The drama presents Namgoong Min as Chief Kim who is humorous but also dangerous.

Yep, Chief Kim is a drama with work-space as the background, more specifically the world of accountants. Chief Kim is a middle manager who has a subordinate and also a boss. This drama presents the problems that occur in the working world and intrigue within the company.

Plot of The Story

At first Kim Sung-Ryong (Namgoong Min) is a mafia or gangster, money and bookkeeping affairs is the things that he held in detail and thorough. But one day there was an opportunity that made him an office employee, becoming an accountant manager in a company. People call her Chief Kim or Kim Gwajang.

Pairing with Nam Sang-Mi as Yoon Ha-Kyung, an assistant manager who is disciplined at work that looks grumpy and assertive. But actually Ha-kyung is a kind woman.

Our Temp Opinion

The joke is all on point, I love how they recreated the story with such huge serious side on it with couple of simple yet impactful joke. I like how the main actor played out the character perfectly in this series. The support cast is also getting their work done by providing solid acting to add the depth for the storyline. The series itself growing up by time toward more serious matter, it develop in good yet steady pace which is a pleasure for audience. I think this is one of the well-crafted drama this year !