KMazing – As we know in the year 2017 we have to accept the fact that several of top actors who have been loyal to entertain us, including Lee Min-ho, Ji Chang-wook, Joo Won, Taecyeon, and others left for their military service. Does this mean K-Drama will be lethargic? Of course not, because there are still a bunch of other young actors who have been queuing up on the screen. These handsome and cute young actors have entertaining us in the year 2017. Curious who they are? Here is a bunch of young South Korean male actor that are most popular this year.

5. Yook Sung-Jae

He is not actually an actor, but an idol of BTOB. But who would have thought Yook Sungjae can also act if given a good chance. After starring in The Village: Achiara’s Secret last year, he became an additional cast in the star-studded drama that became a sensation in late 2016 until early 2017, namely Goblin aka Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

4. Kwak Dong Yeon

The main actor of Adolescence Medley is increasingly existed with the many dramas that he played since his debut in 2012. Last year alone Kwak Dong-yeon appeared in five dramas, one of which is Love in the Moonlight. This year, after becoming a cameo actor in the drama Fight for My Way, Dong-yeon was cast into the supporting cast of the Reunited Worlds.

3. Park Hyun Sik

If onelook at Park Hyung-sik’s face, chances are that people will immediately connect him with the sensational drama of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon. Idol from ZE: A has appeared in the drama The Heirs and Hwarang, as well as several other top dramas. Hyung-sik’s acting career that is considered productive making him as one of the main target of Korean drama producers.

2. Yoo Seung Ho

The special trait of a Yoo Seung-ho is at the new age of 24 years, he has been flooded with the offer as a lead for drama or movie. The actor who has completed his military service never ceases to amaze viewers of the screen through his good looks and acting. This year he competed acting with teenage actress Kim So-hyun in the colossal drama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask

1. Nam Jo Hyuk

Nam Joo-hyuk, with all the criticism he has received, is now beginning to show his capacity. After debuting in 2014, this 23-year-old man immediately got a number of interesting roles in teen drama. In just two years we can see it in popular dramas, such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. This year, he became the main  star of The Bride of Habaek.