KMazing – Here are the continuation of the first part where we give a sneak peek and mini review of the new drama that are airing in September. Let’s get it back on.

3. Andante – KBS

The pre-production teenage drama starring Kai EXO and the model now-turned-actress Kim Jin-kyung (We Got Married). Kai will portray a loser type high school student named Lee Shi-kyung who moved to the suburbs with his family as his parents attempt to make him more mature. There he meets Kim Bom, a young, passionate and eccentric girl who will gel perfectly with him.

This coming-of-age drama will present a sentimental feeling of wanting to be with someone and a desire to feel responsible to someone. The drama is like a mix between My Sassy Girl and Never-ending Story. With Kai presence, female viewers will most likely enjoy this drama. Andante will air from September 10, 2017.

*At first I was skeptical, then I watch the first episode, and I was like WOW – WOW. The drama really depict a young age kinda trouble that we are all facing in our teenage years. Relatable and good storyline.*

4. Man Who Sets the Table – MBC

From the MBC camp, there is Choi Sooyoung Girls’ Generation (Task Force 38) and Ohn Joo-wan (Beautiful Gong Shim) who will be the ‘weekend couple’ at this TV station. Like the family drama structure in general, this drama will feature romantic scenes and dialogue from the main character. Her teaser video hints of the relationship between a husband and his wife who seem to have lost the passion of love, as well as a misguided man and woman who realize that romance will bloom between them. Man Who Sets the Table will start airing on September 2nd, 2017.

*TBH I don’t really dig this kind of drama, I love mature themed drama but this is kinda boring and too slow for me. But in fair, the drama is super great in any way, the cinematography is good, the story that are revolve pretty well, the cast chemistry is also another point to be noticed at. It’s an overall good drama*