KMazing – I was on this one online forum, an interesting discussion about whether Bangtan Boys (BTS) fandom, ARMY, is the most annoying fandom in the K-Pop world comes up. It intrigue me to the extend of I am doing a research about it. On that post, various responses are emerging, including from the ARMY itself. Some have confirmed that ARMY is outrageous, but there are others who argue that all fandom have such behavior. Well, which one is the fact ?

I do think that one fans just looks annoying in the eyes of those who are not fans of the group. A big fan of football can look very disturbing in the eyes of people who do not like football. There are 1001 reasons why a fan, especially one who is too fanatical and desperate (sasaeng), can look super annoying. Another thing to quote is that one fans doesn’t represent the huge fandom like ARMY. Fandom is different from the fans. Throughout the fandom of boy-band and girl bands, there are always that one or two too fanatical and militant fans. They will do anything to support their idols. So it’s hard to judge which fandom is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because all fandom almost always have that kind of problem.

Among the ARMY itself they are keep on reminding the other fans to maintain attitude and respect for other idols. Due to the fact, many ARMY are annoying and dissatisfied with anything. Some of them have threatened to get out of fandom if the acronym BTS is changed from Bulletproof Boy Scouts to Beyond the Scene.

But that does not make ARMY worthy of being crowned as the worst fandom because once again it is just the behavior of a handful of fans who are still childish. The bigger a fandom, the more likely the emergence of wild fans who can tarnish the name of the fandom itself.