KMazing – We love our “mong” Queen, she is super charming and an epitome of beauty -the modern beauty. Song ji Hyo is that one name that almost every man that enjoy her work in Running Man fall in love with. As an actress she also did work on several series that got mixed reception. Here are the second part *check out the first part here* of all the work that have done in series by our Queen, Song ji Hyo.

4. Gyebaek

Not taking a long rest, Song Ji-hyo is back to play drama. Her choice falls on the colossal drama Gyebaek he starred with Lee Seo-jin, Cho Jae-hyun, and Oh Yeon-soo. The 36-episode drama lays the life of the Baekje kingdom in the mid-seventh century. The story centers on the life of the general knight Gyebaek who is remembered for his heroic efforts in defending his kingdom from the onslaught of Silla in the famous Battle of Hwangsanbeol.

5. Heaven’s Order: The Fugitive of Joseon (2013)

Song Ji-hyo looks so accustomed playing in the colossal drama. Two years after Gyebaek, she took the lead role in the drama The Fugitive of Joseon which was driven by handsome actor Lee Dong-wook. This thriller thriller drama takes on the setting in the reign of King Injong and the main character is Choi Won, a palace physician who became a fugitive for being trapped in the crown killing plot. Ji-hyo plays Hong Da-in, the court nurse as well as Choi Won’s assistant.

There are exactly eight drama *the last  three of them is still on our watch list, so we can’t make the reviews yet* so far that Song Ji Hyo has taken part. As we watch and follow her acting, we have seen that she became more and more mature in drowning herself in the character which is the sign of good actress.