KMazing – This year’s summer has been enlivened by the coolest Korean drama show of various genres. Now it’s time for September with colorful romance! Yes, this ninth month will be a battleground for some romantic dramas that have been awaited by viewers for a long time. These sweet and imaginative stories will make you hypnotized  as usual. And the special, hot actor Lee Jong-suk and Kai will enliven this cheerful September. Let’s get it on

1. My Golden Life – KBS

After playing as a young prosecutor in Stranger, actress Shin Hye-sun jumped into the drama in the weekend. The recent weekend dramas have drawn success with high-end offerings like Laurel Tree Tailors and Father Is Strange, so surely Hye-sun should also be able to popularize this drama among television viewers.

Taking on the role of an ex-rich girl who is now so poor due to the bankruptcy of her father, she must overcome her career challenge by getting a contract at a large company. He will be playing with Park Shi-hoo (The Princess’ Man, Neighborhood Hero) who has already comeback to a major TV station. Lee Tae-hwan (Father, I’ll Take Care of You) will be second lead.

Why do you have to watch this drama? Because So Hyun-kyung (My Daughter Seo Young) is the script writer. She is known to be able to embellish simple narratives with warm emotions without draining the tears of viewers. Since we also have PD Kim Hyung-suk (Oh My Venus, You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly) as a director, we can expect unique scenes that will keep us watching this 50-episode drama thoroughly.

2. Argon – TvN

This tvN investigative drama will be broadcast quite briefly, in just eight episodes. The story of life in this news agency will feature Kim Joo-hyuk (Confidential Assignment) and Chun Woo-wee (The Wailing). The main cast will play news reporters who rely on accurate and factual journalism. Argon will air from September 4, 2017.

*I have watch the first episode and it was simply astonishing, I love how the story develop in a rather simple yet impactful way. For you who loves serious kinda themed from K-Drama, this is for you guys.*