KMazing – One more Korean drama taking working space as background produced by MBC. Radiant Office comes with the theme of how the world of working reality in Korea. The drama is starring Go Ah-Sung, Ha Suk-Jin, and Lee Dong-hwi. Ha Suk-Jin’s name is certainly not foreign, because last year he appeared in two romantic dramas Drinking Solo and Something About 1%. Lee Dong-hwi starred in Entourage in 2016 but, Go Ah-Sung’s name is quite alien, not because she is a newcomer, but it seems that Go Ah-Sung pretty much starred in the big screen rather than playing in a drama series. The Radiant Office drama is scheduled to air for 16 episodes. Radiant Office is present on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday night at 22:00 KST.


Radiant Office itself raises the story in the world of working in Korea. How tight competition in the world of work and the difficulty of finding a job. Eun Ho-Won (Go Ah-Sung) is a 28-year-old encounter who is in the biggest problematic phase of her life: looking for a job. After graduating college 3 years ago, apparently Eun Ho-Won did not get a job. 100 times rejected when applying for work, Eun Ho-Won was frustrated and accidentally plunged into the Han River.

Hoping to end life, apparently Ho-Won is still safe. In the hospital’s ER room, she meets two people who also share the same fate with her Do Gi-Taek and Jang Kang-Ho. Do Gi-Taek is a broken-hearted man left behind by his girlfriend for not getting a job. While Jang Kang-Ho is a man who has always been underestimated by his family also for not getting a job. After escaping from the hospital for lack of money, the three of them tell each other story and mourn the fate.

Our Temp Opinion

As a man who used to be on the same phase of life with the character in the series, I can relate to story very much. The struggle to have a job is a huge matter for several people after graduating college. The story provide real life meaning behind it, and as far as the time am watching, the plot is deep enough to be good television series. I just hope that when the story unfold, the director take a good care of each and every character because of the continuity in the whole storyline.