KMazing – Variety show in South Korea is crossing boundaries of normal variety show, and they already created new standard of producing enchanting variety show. Infinity Challenge is the pioneer of almost every variety show in South Korea, they have been around for more than 10 years and still receive much love from the viewer. We take a look at the rather new episode in which we found it funny and interesting. Enjoy !

3. Episode 506 – History X Hip Hop

This is why MuDo is loved by the public, they didn’t break the flow of rising fame of Hip Hop in South Korea, rather they take genius step in embracing the trend by inserting history inside the song. The Infinite challenge members and the joined cast who work in music especially hip hop need to make hip-hip songs from the lessons they take in the class.

2. Episode 478 – Wedding Singer

Epic episodes that make the audience feel entertained and also sad where Infinity challenge member is assigned to choose the song and singing on their loyal audience’s wedding day, this episode saw the cast prepare the choreography of the song and also its own arrangement and makes it as attractive as possible. Participants who wish to apply are carefully selected by Infinite challenge members and the most interesting and fitting will get surprise by the member at their wedding.

1. Episode 410 – Saturday, Saturday I am Singer

The best episode is an episode featuring first generation boy band and girl band also early 1990s famous singers. The sole reason this is one of the best episode is because it reunited turbo duo that had broken up 13 years ago as well as giving the stage to other artist artists who have not appeared on TV for a long time ago, and most surprisingly the audience must wear the attributes that characterize the generation.The peak is when the mini concert whic make the audience goes back through time to the nostalgic moment.