After our first series of fantasy -supernatural drama list is getting big attention from the reader, KMazing team is having an urge to release another list of drama from this trendy genre. Here we assemble another 5 fantasy – supernatural drama you need to marathon watching because it’s so good and the visual *as usual* is astonishing. The drama on our list this time will be on the less-known drama except for one or two that successfully gather attention from the viewer, but afraid not the stories and casts of the dramas on our list will not gonna get you disappointed. This time we will focus more on ghost and vampire Let’s start the countdown

5. Master’s Sun

Horror with mixed of Romantic-Comedy, it’s rare but trust me it’s exhilarating. The story goes with a girl who was really afraid with the ghosts she sees until he met rich guy who by time will be protecting her. The plot goes on as the two main cast solve the mystery by helping the ghosts she sees. It’s full of comedy act but give you a fright once in a while.

4. Bring It On, Ghost

This drama is the younger version of Master’s Sun, it has the right ingredients of thriller, student life and romance. Played by Ok Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun, the drama roles around ghost-fighting unit with slapstick comedy scattering around the storyline. *stop here if don’t want to read spoiler* It was having a good reception until a twist ending that some people considers it  weak 

3. Blood

If you are into vampire-type of drama, then this one is for you. It’s vampire drama plus medical drama, the combination itself is already sound amazing. Ahn Jae Hyun who was the vampire disguised as doctor finally found her love on character played by Ku Hye Sun *the couple also married in real life* and together they fight the devil. The detail on the stories is good and the plot really grows on you.

2. Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade is also vampire type of K-drama that comes from adaptation from webtoon. Seolhyun of AOA is one of the cast of this series. The stories combine teenage love and romantic drama that depict the life of vampire who fall in love with most popular guy in the school.

1. Arang and the Magistrate

It’s an old drama *if you consider 2012 is old* about ghost who return to earth to find out about her death, she was help by the magistrate which have quite detective skill to defeat killer from another world. The drama picked their story background from Joseon era. It’s classic and must watch on our list.