Actor Lee Dong Gun became attention of the public after revealing his relationship with one of the most prominent member of T-ara, Jiyeon. Later on, the two lovey dovey couple openly expressing their love even in public domain. Things turned sour for the couple when Lee Dong gun is suspected having real feeling for her co-star while recording for drama The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop last year.

Rumor became fact and in February 2017, news about T-ara Jiyeon and Lee Dong Gun breaking up their relationship is trending in almost every portal entertainment news in South Korea, but the shocking news is not stopping there. After only 26 days *not even one month* of his breaking up news, Lee Dong Gun is coming back on trending topic after he announced his relationship with her co-star on drama, Jo Yoon Hee. Actor Lee confirmed that he started dating Jo Yoon Hee as the finale for the drama is finished filming.

Lee Dong Gun didn’t stop there, on May 1st 2017 through the media of Instagram account, Lee revealed his status as legally married to Jo Yoon Hee and expecting a baby soon.! The actor wrote himself.

“I am writing this because I think all of you should be the first ones to know. Jo Yoon Hee and I, who met through a drama and became lovers, have registered our marriage and legally become husband and wife. While preparing to get married, we were blessed with a child, and we are thankfully and eagerly waiting for the child’s birth. For now, I will be focusing on my drama ‘Seven Day Queen’ and we will hold a private wedding with our family and close acquaintances once I am done with the project. I am unsure about how this news will be received by my fans who have always supported me, but as much as I want to become a better actor and a happier person, it is my wish to receive blessings from all of you. Please look over us warmly. In order to repay the love I’ve received from everyone, I will work hard to become an even better actor and a great husband.”