It’s been more than one year since we last see Captain Yoo Sijin, (YES) It’s already more thank a year since Descendant of the Sun ended and the fans of Song Joong Ki is getting restless on waiting for his comeback. “Descendants of the Sun” originally ran from February 24 to April 14, 2016, was a huge sensation in South Korea and received an enormous popularity across the continent. The popularity of the series goes along with the fame received by the cast, Song Joong Ki was lifted to the elite level after his great performance on “Descendants of the Sun”.

Song Joong Ki have already choose his next project, a movie “Battleship Island” to be released in July. The film is directed by the famous director Ryu Seung Wan with cast including big names like Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub. The film will be about the story of Joseon People who try to escape from Hashima Island during Japanese colonial era. Song Jong Ki will play as one of the independence fighter who infiltrated the forced-labor island to save notable figure of the independence movement.

Song Joong Ki, who was first come to attention for his performance on historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and variety show Running Man  has yet to choose his next television drama project. The reason behind this was he is taking time slowly and trying to spend more time for himself. Speaking to W Magazine, Song Joong Ki said that “I feel like I’m spending my free time more plentifully than I ever have. I’ve always spent my life as if I was pressed for time ever since I debuted, taking on another production as soon as I finished one. That’s why, this year I’ve briefly stepped away from work and want to try and spend some time just as Song Joong Ki in his thirties.”

It seems like we need to wait a little bit more to see Song Joong Ki comeback on television series. Stay strong guys.




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