KMazing – Korean drama is so creative in working on various themes. Not just about romance, friendship, ghosts, or crime, There are even Korean dramas that took culinary-themed alias cooking ! Watching this kind of drama can inspire you to be more diligent in cooking as well as getting to know unique and delicious Korean cuisine. Do not worry, though the main theme is culinary, the plot of romance and the conflict-laden feud still exists. Let’s peek at the list of drama that has a cooking theme aka culinary!

  • Pasta

As the title suggests, the drama played by Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Sun-kyun tells of typical Italian food, pasta. The main character is Seo Yoo-kyung, a young woman who desires to be a famous chef. He is a graduate of a lowly culinary school who, for the past three years, has worked as an assistant professor at La Sfera restaurant. But it all became exciting after a young chef dropped out of Italian culinary school, Choi Hyun-wook, was appointed head of the kitchen and began to sack the chefs. What is the fate that wait Yoo-kyung ?

  • Gourmet

The drama adapted from the popular manhwa titled Sikgaek by Huh Young-man highlighting the rivalry between two Korean cooks that specialized in Korean Traditional Food aka Hansil. Lee Sung-chan is a young man who realizes his passion for the culinary world until he is willing to explore the world of cooking deeply and even to travel the world only to find quality ingredients. Gourmet teaches that cooking takes totality and sincerity.