KMazing – Music in K-pop especially in Idol world is either jumping around dancing around shake your body type of music or mellow sad stay on your chair and enjoy the music type. There are exception of course on maybe one or two musician who can create their own channel and deliver the alternative impact on their song, but most of the music in K-Pop is either of those two. Trot on the other hand is for older people simply to say, and rarely enjoy by the public especially young adult or teenager. The lack of recognition by younger generation will be tackled if the idol who is the idol of the generation is experimenting with trot. Big Bang’s Daesung is one of the most famous idol who did release song on trot genre, the song was even composed by the one and only G-Dragon.

It’s rare to see idols will be brave enough to try this genre, due to the fact that almost all idols in K-Pop is obeying their agency’s command on the type of the song they will release and time of the release. But you can still take a peek at the idols trying to sing trot in their variety show appearance. Trot is not easy to sing, pronunciation and method of singing this genre is quite complicated, and only idols with real skill and voice range can try and conquer the art of singing trot music. Here are some idols that unexpectedly sang trot song worth of an applause. Enjoy ! *comment if you know another trot performance from K-Pop Idols*

  • Eunji of Apink

  • Daesung of Big Bang

  • Orange Caramel

  • Leo of VIXX