KMazing – Bangtan Boys, or BTS, is the entertainment industry’s most powerful force in South Korea. BTS was able to break through the thick barriers of the European and North American entertainment industry, which were previously known as the most difficult for Asian entertainers. But, what makes BTS synonymous with the term legend?

Always Put On Their Best Effort – BTS is The Best

When the world is experiencing a slowdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the same cannot be said about BTS. Their days are constantly adorned with a succession of hectic commitments. Hard labor will not betray the outcomes, BTS has produced a lot of new music and videos in the last several months. And one thing for sure, they’re all the best.

Celebrity Fans

Who hasn’t heard of ARMY, the fanbase that is currently regarded as the largest in the world? The fact that hashtags concerning BTS, BTS members, and even ARMY itself are continually hot topics on numerous platforms demonstrates this enormous power. When an institution holds a vote in one of the categories, BTS is always at the top with a very large number of votes.

The popularity of BTS is unstoppable. There are always the most recent updates from celebs that exhibit their support for BTS through social media posts. Many famous personalities openly admit to liking BTS. Who hasn’t heard of John Cena, James Corden or Camila Cabello? Nope!


Scholarly Admirers

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to have fans. However, BTS’ ability to draw academics as their fans is a phenomenon in and of itself. What distinguishes BTS from other idol groups? What has piqued the interest of academics? Each of BTS’ albums has a theme that is always full of significance and respect. Every album and song in it seems to be a reflection of BTS’s maturation and evolution.

World literature is represented in the selection of topics, music, and lyrics. Each MV has interlaced secret symbols. ARMYs are busy suggesting hypotheses and deciphering symbols whenever a new BTS song or MV is released. Who’d have guessed an idol group could be that appealing?