Another Miss Oh ep 1 is the very first episode of a popular Korean television series with the title of “Another Miss Oh”. This TV series was on national TV in 2016, starting from May to June. In total, there are 18 episodes (plus 2 bonus episodes) to conclude this TV series. The show was studded by popular Korean stars, including Eric Mun, JeonHye-bin, and Seo Hyun-jin as the three main stars.

The show was one of the most successful ones in Korea and it won so many awards, including the prestigious APAN Star Awards and Korea Drama Awards. It was also considered as one of the Korean dramas with the highest rate ever. Originally, the TV series was broadcasted by tvN network. Its format is a 70-minute show that was usually shown at 11 pm local time.

However, being three years from its original release, “Another Miss Oh” is now available to watch anywhere, including from popular streaming websites. Read more about this popular Korean Drama as well as its particular Another Miss Oh ep 1 entitled “Can I Cry?” down below. You will find out the needed information about that episode here. Here they are for you to read:


Another Miss Oh Ep 1: Can I Cry?

Another Miss Oh ep 1 was given the title “Can I Cry?”. I was the beginning of success for the Korean Drama series because the average audience share who watched the pilot episode of the series was very high. It was 2.8% across Seoul and more than 2% nationwide.

This Another Miss Oh ep 1 basically covers the premise of the show, showing all three main characters in the episode. It was premiered on May 2nd 2016 and became an instant sensation. It was followed by the next episode the very next night. This pilot episode was praised for its great cinematography and its story line.

The admirations from the viewers continued to the very end of the series. That is why the series was considered as one of the best ones in Korean Drama history.It was also shown in the first episode that the three characters are all introduced to the viewers. It gives them the right understanding about the premise of the show as well as the surprising plot holes that may get brought to them throughout the series.

This first episode is basically a success and everyone loves the series right from the start. It boosted the popularity of the three main stars, too.  To this day, the subtitles, streaming, downloaded videos, and everything related to the Another Miss Oh ep 1of this popular K-drama series are still very much in demand. If you need the brief storyline, get them down below.


Another Miss Oh Ep 1 Storyline

The plot of Another Miss Oh ep 1 is basically the starting of this TV series’ premise. It shows a young man in his early 30s named Park Do-kyung. This character is the main one in the story and it was played by Eric mun. In the show, he was shown as a sound director.

He was shown to have the ability to see the future but yet the viewers are taken to his flashback about a year ago when he was about to get married. His bride was Oh Hae-young. A beautiful woman played by JeonHye-bin. His bride disappeared at all sudden on their wedding day, though, leaving him brokenhearted.

Back in the future, he meets another woman by the name Oh, too (hence the series’ title). This Oh Hae-young is played by Seo Hyun-jin.In the episode, the viewers are informed that the Oh Hae-young (the one played by JeonHye-bin) leave Park Do-kyung to get married to a successful businessman called Tae-jin. In the turn of events, before the two even get married, the businessman get problems with his company, sent to jail, and tells his fiancée that he does not even want to marry her in the first place.

The beautiful woman is so brokenhearted and instantly regrets her decision of ditching Park Do-kyung. She then accidently goes into the path where she would meet her old groom-to-be and everything suddenly gets complicated, including the situation revolves around her family, too, in this Another Miss Oh ep 1.