Kmazing Are you looking for a movie recommendation that will make you cry like a baby? Your friends may suggest some tear jerking romance movies or some other melancholy dramas. If you are not looking for such conventional alternatives, you may want to consider watching Miracle in Cell No. 7. There is absolutely no way that you have watched a movie like this. Everyone can see something special about the movie which is mainly set in prison.

Lee Hwankyung was the person responsible of making Miracle in Cell No. 7 came into life. The director’s previous renowned work was He Was Cool (in 2004). The screenplay for this movie was written by the director himself with the help of Yu Yonga, Kim Yongsuk, and Kim Hwansung. This movie stars many veteran actors in the industry, such as: RyuSeungryong, Park Shinhye, Jung Jinyoung, Kim Jungtae, and Park Wonsang. Child actor KalSowon also stole the spotlight in this movie.

This movie has interesting elements of comedy, suspense, and drama that will make you pay attention to the entire movie without fail. You are going to enjoy every single minute of this heartwarming movie. The following parts will help you getting to know more about it.


Storyline of Miracle in Cell No. 7

The storyline of Miracle in Cell No. 7 moves back and forth between the past and present. It focuses on a man named Lee Yonggu (acted by RyuSeungryong) who lived with her daughter, Yeseung. Yonggu is an intellectually challenged man who relies on his little daughter to function on everyday life. He works as parking guard who only receives measly amount of money. However, he and his daughter live their lives happily.

One day, he is going to purchase a yellow backpack that Yeseung dreams about. Unfortunately, the backpack was already bought by another man, who was a high rank police commissioner, for his daughter. Yonggu was involved in physical conflict with the man but comes out with empty hand. In the next day, the daughter of that commissioner sees him at work to tell him about another store that sells similar backpack. Unfortunately, the girl accidentally injures herself when running and experiences major head injury. Yonggu tries to save her but to no avail.

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In fact, due to the eyewitness’s testimony, Yonggu was accused of killing and molesting the girl. This is when Miracle in Cell No. 7 takes a drastic turn. Yonggu was brought to the court and, due to pressure from the girl’s commissioner father, admits that he commits rape and homicide. He was then sentenced to death. During his time in jail, though, he made friends with other five prisoners and they have a lot of fun together (even smuggling Yeseung into the cell together).

Miracle in Cell No. 7 present story centers on adult Yeseung’s effort to clear up her father’s tarnished name. She grows up well into a successful lawyer who still wants to prove her father’s innocence.


Reception to Miracle in Cell No. 7

As expected, the movie was received well by the audience. Miracle in Cell No. 7 successfully drew more than 12 million viewers during its release, making it one of the highest grossing Korean movies of all time. Its popularity even spread worldwide. In the end, it gathers more than US$ 80 million in revenue. People were extremely moved by the weight of father-daughter relationship portrayed in this movie. The success of this movie was not limited to its commercial side, though. This movie also gained approval from critics, both in South Korea and other countries.

Critics stated that Miracle in Cell No. 7 was supported its actors’ stellar performances and beautiful storyline. Even if there were few scenes that felt a little bit cliché, viewers cannot help but being captivated by the storyline from beginning to end. It helps that the movie did not rely entirely on its tear jerking aspect. Instead, viewers were also presented with some comedic scenes, especially between prisoners in the Cell 7. There are also some high tension moments, such as during interrogation and the court. It is totally not difficult to see why this movie received many accolades in South Korea for best movie and best actor categories.

Thanks to its popularity and impact to culture, this movie was adapted into a Hindi language movie entitled PushpakaVimana in 2017. It is also going to be remade in Philippines. If you want to enjoy the real version, you should totally check out the original Miracle in Cell No. 7.