KMazing – One precise reason why Korean movies are never deserted; because it is not boring. Different from another country movies that conservative, and usually very typical about their topic. Every entertainment product in Korea crafted seriously, involving famous movie stars and talented for acting, the topic is not about rambling and fight over treasure or women. Hence, if we observe closely the quality of South Korean movie is also reaching the fame of its drama counterpart soon.

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The genre of romantic comedy is very popular with many people everywhere. Korean Film Industry will also do not want to miss by presenting a wide selection of romantic comedy movies that are not less quality with production from other countries in Asia. If you’re interested in watching Korean romantic comedy genre, be sure not to miss our top choice for movies that adopted romantic comedy genre.

Let’s go!

Love Forecast

Released in 2015. This film tells a romantic romance that exciting and romantic. A woman named Kim Hyun-woo (Moon Chae-won) works as the master of ceremony. She is beautiful, elegant, clever, but out there, alcoholic, arrogant, and extremely miserable. On the other hand Kang Joon-soo (Lee Seung-gi) is the man who put his heart on Kim Hyun Woo. But he is a shy man and always fails in love affairs.

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When Kang Joon-soo (Lee Seung-gi) tells the truth to Kim Hyu Jun, he is rejected. In fact, without shame, Kim is dating college friend Kang Joon-soo (Lee Seung-gi), although the man is already married.

My Love, My Bride

A Young-Min man (Cho Jung-Seok), is enjoying the honeymoon period. His wife is a beautiful woman, smart and alluring. However, all the ideas and plans are becoming a mess because they are expecting too much perfection. This romantic comedy movie is really funny.

Goodbye Single

Joo Yeon (Kim Hye Soo) is a famous and super successful actress in Korea. She has pretty much everything. Ji Yeon feels that she really needs a family. In order to get a family, Ji Yeon was preparing to do a big plan that requires an irregular procedure.

My New Sassy Girl

The sequel to My Sassy Girl. This one is a modern edition. The story is about Gyung Woo played by Cha Tae-Hyun. She is having a reunion with her childhood friend. Which eventually led the two to marry. Though Gyung Woo used to taunt his partner. My New Sassy Girl modern version got quite a lot of devotees. Because it tells the love and conflict of two families.

Miss Granny

An old lady suddenly changed her appearance into 20 years old after taking a photo in a photo studio. The bad news, the studio afterward lost somewhere. And she was confused because her face is different. In fact, before she was sad because her son-in-law and her son wanted him to stay in a nursing home only.

The adventure begins, the grandmother hires in the place of a man who has a crush on her. But over time everything was uncovered as well. Then how did the adventures of the grandmother that turned to young 20 years old girl?

Mood of The Day

Soo Jeong has been dating for 10 years with her boyfriend, but their relationship is not going well. One day while traveling on business, she discovered the fact that her friend married her first love, she then started to have a strange thought. On the train, she sits next to Jae Hyeon who is a playboy. Jae Hyeon feels interested in So Jeong and struggles to attract his attention. On the train ride to Busan, both began to know each other and then…

Whatcha Wearin’?

Yoon-Jung is bored with her boyfriend and her flat-felt life. But one day, everything changed when she inadvertently called call sex service. And the operator of this sex telephone can then understand Yoon-Jung’s heart. Both find a match. The story is romantic and sad. The comedy is less than predicted but it’s still good.

Venus Talk

Shin-hye (Uhm Jung-hwa). She was left married by his girlfriend, who is actually a co-worker at a television station. Shin-hye (Uhm Jung-hwa) tries to find out why her girlfriend has the heart to do all that, even though she’s already sacrificing a lot. Starting from promotion to many things.

Shin-hye (Uhm Jung-hwa) is shocked that his girlfriend impregnated a 26-year-old girl. But in the midst of heartache and despair, there is a junior who confessed her love. Initially, Shin-hye (Uhm Jung-hwa) is reluctant to let him know, let alone the embarrassment of having to go out with the younger man.

Like for Likes

It tells the story of six human beings who are not directly connected to each other with their own conflict. Jin Woo (Yoo Ah In) is a famous actor who just finished his conscription. Gyung A is a scriptwriter of the TV drama series, which, although initially not interested, finally asked Jin Woo to star in his drama series. Jin Woo also refused.

In a marriage, Jin Woo saw Gyung Ah having a son named Bom. Jin Woo was wondering if he was the father of the child or not. Meanwhile, Sung Chan is an owner of a modest Japanese restaurant. He has just rented her apartment to a flight attendant, Joo Ran.

But it turns out Sung Chan was abandoned by his fiancé. At the same time, Jo Ran turned out to be a victim of fraud and now has no place to live. Sung Chan also offered to share the apartment.

Then there is also Soo Ho (Kang Haneul) a songwriter who has problem with the hearing because of a car accident during high school. He has never had a girlfriend and is a regular customer of Sung Chan’s restaurant. Something day he met a drama producer named Na Yeon (Esom). They also consecrate time together and be close. Despite several times to date, Soo Ho has not dared to be honest with Na Yeon about his hearing problem.

Hot Young Bloods

The movie took its place in 1982. In a suburb, a group of young people is keen to be the best. Young-sook (Park Bo-young) is the leader of the female gang. She is not only feared but also the famous tomboy-ish and many who think she will not like men. Because of her words, style, and everything.

But what happens, when Young-sook (Park Bo-young) feels in love with Joong-gil (Lee Jong-suk). The bad news is that he is a Casanova, any female conqueror and however. So how will the story develop?

200 Pound Beauty

Han-Na (Kim A-Joong) the girl’s name. Embarrassed with her fat body, she chose to be a sex tape operator. And one time she tried to be backing vocals. For the sake of the man of his heart. Although she was inferior one day she decided to take slimming pill body. But her actions actually get her to the hospital.

She finally decided to get plastic surgery which finally grants all wishes. Finally Han-Na (Kim A-Joong) can get into the recordings. But she was nervous because the one guiding her was her crush.

Penny Pinchers

Ji Woong is a handsome young man but always in a hard position to get a job. Of course because of his bad nature. Even due to the nature of his playboy, he had been expelled from his apartment. Desperate with the circumstances Ji Woong finally tried to commit suicide. But, finally, he met a young woman whose spirit is extraordinary, Hong Sil’s the name.

Hong Sil invites Ji Woong to collect the bottle together and will be paid 6000 US dollars as long as he wants to obey Hong Sil orders, whatever it is. And Ji Woong who already wants to get money will do what it takes to get money, So what’s next in the story?

100 Days with Mr. Arrogant

Ha-yeong is dumped by his boyfriend on the 100th day of their relationship. While Hyeong-jun is a rich and handsome man who melts a woman’s heart wherever he goes, but he is not interested in dating. One day while driving his luxury car, the two met by accident.

The encounter occurs when Ha-yeong is sad and kicked off a can of soda that went into Hyeong-jun’s head. The shocked Hyeong-jun loses control of his car and crashes into the side of the wall. Ha-yeong can not afford to compensate Hyeong-jun’s car damage. He then persuades Hyeong-jun that compensation can be paid in the form of working as his assistant for 100 days.

Wonderful Radio

Jin-A is a former idol group leader Purple, one of the first generation of South Korean girl bands and also the most popular at the time. She is now hosting a radio program “Love on air,” but the program has received only a low rating. The show producer then takes time off to have prenatal vacation and her replacement is Lee Jae-Ik.

The film is quite entertaining. Interwoven stories in this film are also very good. Lee Min-jung is not only beautiful but also has a way to look stunning on the screen in every second. Lee Kwang-soo’s appearance will also invite laughter for every audience.

My Girlfriend Is an Agent

Ahn Soo-ji (Kim Ha-neul) is a secret agent who’s almost retired. But the tough task awaits her. She must stop a group of Russian terrorists who want to buy nuclear from corrupt Korean scientists. Ahn Soo Ji is paired with a newcomer agent. Both are involved in love, but because of ego and tasks and ignorance both choose to silence. In fact both of them had almost killed each other for a play so as not to get caught if they were agents. How is the next story?.

Finding Mr. Destiny

Han Gi Joon is a tour guide who then opened his own company, his first company is love company. The mission or product sold is to help people to find the first love. Formerly Han Gi Joon a tour guide who was fired for being too honest. One day Han Gi Jon meets with Gi Joon. Who is he?

Jin Woo is a director who is depressed, for being forced and urged by his father to get married soon. Through the services of Gi Joon, Jin Woo finally goes to India. The problem is, it’s finally Gi Joon and Jin Woo falling in love. So, first love, Jin Woo is the owner of the company.


Romantic and hilarious. The story tells about Jeon Ji Hyun (Yeo Kyung-jin) a policeman and Jang Hyuk (Go Myung Woo) teacher. The two meet unintentionally because Jeon thinks Jang Hyuk is a pickpocket. The two then patrolled together.

Jang Hyuk found the drug lord. Jeon Ji Hyung is scared when about to catch, then Jang Hyuk handcuffed both of them. Funnily enough, the key for the handcuffs was lost. So what is their future?

Cyrano Agency

Cyrano Agency is the name of a travel and matchmaking agency. But not the usual matchmaking bureaus, because they help people who to get close to their crus. Initially, they were a theater club that wanted to make a movie but got not enough funds. They slam the direction in order to gather funds by helping people find their love.

Fashion King

A teenage love story. Starting from Woo Ki-Myung’s intention to conquer the heart of Hyi Je, the most popular girl in a high school where he went to school. Finally, Woo Ki-myung tried desperately to change his appearance. For starters, he tried to enter the world of fashion. However, after all this time, he did not succeed in making Hyi Je falls for him. In fact, he has to compete with other students who also have a crush on Hy Jee. What next?

My Sassy Girl

The story is very funny and unique. Starting from Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-Hyun) who tries to help a woman that faint on the train, but strangely the woman had said the word, “dear” to Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-Hyun). So other passengers think the woman is Gyeon-woo’s lover (Cha Tae-Hyun).

Got no other choice, Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-Hyun) holds the woman to the hotel where she lives. And although he got the wrong people, here is the unique part of the story. Then both of them became lovers. Very interesting films with funny stories and scenes.