Top 20 Best Korean Romantic Comedy Movies of All Time (up to 2019)

Best Korean Romantic Comedy Movies of All Time

20Best Korean Romantic Comedy Movies (up to 2018)

KMazing – One precise reason why Korean movies are never deserted; because it is not boring. Different from another country movies that conservative, and usually very typical about their topic. Every entertainment product in Korea crafted seriously, involving famous movie stars and talented for acting, the topic is not about rambling and fight over treasure or women. Hence, if we observe closely the quality of South Korean movie is also reaching the fame of its drama counterpart soon.

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The genre of romantic comedy is very popular with many people everywhere. Korean Film Industry will also do not want to miss by presenting a wide selection of romantic comedy movies that are not less quality with production from other countries in Asia. If you’re interested in watching Korean romantic comedy genre, be sure not to miss our top choice for movies that adopted romantic comedy genre.

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20. Love Forecast

Released in 2015. This film tells a romantic romance that exciting and romantic. A woman named Kim Hyun-woo (Moon Chae-won) works as the master of ceremony. She is beautiful, elegant, clever, but out there, alcoholic, arrogant, and extremely miserable. On the other hand Kang Joon-soo (Lee Seung-gi) is the man who put his heart on Kim Hyun Woo. But he is a shy man and always fails in love affairs.

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When Kang Joon-soo (Lee Seung-gi) tells the truth to Kim Hyu Jun, he is rejected. In fact, without shame, Kim is dating college friend Kang Joon-soo (Lee Seung-gi), although the man is already married.



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