KMazing – This time we will recommend 20 best comedy movie and can make every audience laugh loudly. Like most Korean movies, most best korean comedy movies on this list are not only funny but also have heart-touching endings. So, in addition to being laughed out loud, you will also be touched while watching the movie.

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Comedy movies are one of the most sought-after action movies for bringing laughter, releasing boredom, and forgetting sadness. The Korean film industry that has wide fans all over the world, the industry also has a lot of comedy movies ready to shake the stomach of viewers. Curious about what movies will be on the list? Go ahead and Enjoy! and Don’t forget to comment for your recomendation. We loves your comment! 😀

Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River

It tells the story of Kim Soendal (Yoo Seung Ho) who is a deceitful cheater who often cheats for money, with a very bold appearance. He works with Bo Won (Ko Chang Seok), a Buddhist girl named Yoon (Ra Mi Ran) and Gyeon (Xiumin). Their fraudsters are so well-known that they are famous all over the country.

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Best Korean Comedy Movies: Twenty

Starring Kim Woo-bin, Lee Joon-ho and Kang Ha-neul, the Twenty film earned positive reviews and even earned numerous prestigious nominations in Korean cinema. Twenty much preferred because it displays the condition of young people today with a very realistic, which of course full of silly and funny things.

The story focuses on three friends who are just entering the age of 20. Feeling mature, they begin to look for their true identity. Interesting stories ranging from love stories to the struggle to achieve a dream became interesting spices in Twenty.


The film was released in 2011 is about Yeo Ri, who suddenly can see the ghost and terrible things around her. Yeo Ri realizes that there is a ghost that follows her, and the ghost begins to harm the people closest her.

One day, Jo Goo (Min Ki Lee) offers help to chase away the ghosts chasing Yeo Ri. Since then they have been together looking for the cause of the ghosts to disturb Yeo Ri’s life. Spellbound is a horror comedy film from Korea that is not only spooky, but also filled with mystery and typical jokes that can make audience laugh.

Project Makeover

Next Korean Comedy Movies is Project Makeover. Na Jung Ju (Ko So Young) is unhappy with her life get back in the past and encounters her in those days. She also tried to convince herself who was young to avoid making mistakes in the past.

Best Korean Comedy Movies Two Faces of My Girlfriend

Bong Tae Gyu realizes that his girl has two very opposite personalities. He also tried to overcome life with his girlfriend in a fun and funny way. This movie is breaking every random rule of the relationship between man and woman, and seldom provide generic laughing material for the audience.


The film is a moderately aged lady who tries to satisfy her companion’s withering wish of rejoining their gathering of secondary school companions. The film substitutes between two courses of events: the present day where the ladies are moderately aged, and the 1980s when they were in secondary school. It is the second movie by Kang Hyeong-cheol, who already directed Scandal Makers (2008).

The Mafia, The Salesman

The film is set in the Free Trade era (FTA) era and is about a criminal gang organized by Young-dong. Facing the global economic challenge, the gang is recruiting a college graduate man to evaluate the corporation for one purpose: preparing this gang for globalization. Can this “green” child carry out the mission without messing with anything?

Dancing Queens

The film was released in January 18, 2012 is directed by Lee Sukhoon, and actors like Hwang Jung Min, Uhm Jung Hwa, Jung Sung Hwa, Ra Mi Ran, Lee Han Wi, Oh Na Ra, Choi Woo Ri, Han Soo A, Lee Dae yeon, Jeong Gyu su, Lee Hyo ri. In this funny comedy Korean comedy tells the couple Jung Hwa and Jung Min that was hit by financial problems.

Jung Hwa who has a passion for the entertainment world trying to audition show “Super Star K”. One day, the drunken Jung min sees the drunk guy on the railroad tracks. Not being too conscious, he even approached the dangerous area, but Jung Min was able to save himself and the drunk guy when the train was about to pass.

Unexpectedly, the heroic incident attracts national public attention. Jung Min became popular and was hailed. Meanwhile, Jung Hwa stays on his passion. He and his friend even plan to form a girl group called “Dancing Queen”.

Barefoot Ki-Bong

A 40-year-old dumb man named Ki-bong lives in the village with his elderly mother. After accidentally winning a local running race, he performs a national marathon race. Ki-bong wants to buy dentures for his mother with his prize money. Ki-Bong is not a genuine runner, he runs barefoot. Everyone in his village doubts Ki-Bong’s ability, except for a girl in the village.

Best Korean Comedy Movies Moodori

Although nuanced sinister, this movie is actually hilarious. Moodori is a spooky city that is rarely visited by people. All this because of a young creator of a suicide site on the internet drowning himself in a lake near Moodori. Moodori then popular as a place of suicide. Moodori’s three overly creative residents, Bong-gi, Hae-gu, Bang-yeon, decide to commercialize his city, promoting Moodori as a tourist resort to suicide.

Castaway on the Moon

This is a movie that has a romantic comedy story that is different from the usual movies. Kim Seong Geun (Jung Jae Young) was stranded in Bamseom because he tried to commit suicide on the Han River. He then suddenly ‘met’ with Kim Jung Yeon (Jung Ryeo Won) who suddenly went to the island.

Codename: Jackal

The comedy film played by Song Ji-Hyo and Youngwoong Jaejoong (JYJ member) tells the story of a mercenary woman who gets an orders to kill a famous singer. But things that make this be a hilarious comedy, is due to the mercenary that was not a smart but rather dumb, the murder that should have been sadistic completely changed when the police came.

The Thieves

The Thieves is a 2012 South Korean heist movie directed by Choi Dong-hoon with an elite star cast. Splashy activity in abroad areas is blended with twofold dealings and various disloyalties as a group of South Korean criminals collaborate with a Hong Kong team to take a precious stone jewelry from an intensely monitored gambling club safe in Macau. With more than 12.9 million ticket deals, the activity satire is as of now the fourth most astounding netting motion picture in Korean film history.

Best Korean Comedy Movies Arahan

Arahan is a 2004 South Korean film. The movie was the third component movie coordinated by Ryoo Seung-wan and stars the executive’s sibling Ryoo Seung-bum alongside Yoon So-yi, Ahn Sung-ki and Jung Doo-hong. The film was a relative in terms of achievement, offering more than 2 million tickets locally, however, wasn’t also gotten by the best as Ryoo Seung-wan’s past movies.

Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow

Detective K (Kim Myung Min) is hired to investigate the mysterious murder case in the kingdom. And, it turns out he found a clue that it was not just ordinary murder. Sounds serious, but it turns out nuanced comedy, epic!

My Baby and Me

Joon Soo is a stubborn young man in his school. He always likes to fight. Both his parents were made dizzy by his behavior. While going to school Joon Soo meets with Kim Byeol a girl who suddenly claims to like Joon Soo. Their meeting took place in front of Joon Soo’s school gate. He who finally entered finally jumped over the school fence. Seeing that Kim Byeol feels that Joon Soo is a cool guy. Kim Byeol himself is a girl who has many siblings. Her siblings are still very small. Kim Byeol who came suddenly then told his mother that he wanted to go back to school. Her parents heard of it, startled and a bit unbelieving because Kim Byeol had decided not to go to school anymore.

Best Korean Comedy Movies Miracle In Cell No.7

Miracle in Cell No 7 is starring actor Seung-Yong Ryoo (Yong-Goo), Kal So-Won (Ye-Seung (child)). Yong-goo (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) is a man with a mental retardation and his 6-year-old daughter Yesung (Gal So-Won) where they care for each other.

The death of the Police Commissioner’s daughter and false accusations leads to Yong-gu and finally, he is held in cell No. 7, where he has wonderful friends with unexpected events as he awaits trial. This film not only makes us sad but also laugh, because the movie is full of comedy that makes us touched.

Secretly Greatly

Secretly Greatly is one of the funniest Korean movies that tells about a secret agent or a spy. The story begins when three North Korean spies infiltrated South Korea. Won Ryu-Hwan (Kim Soo-Hyun), one of those spies pretending to be mentally handicapped and cared for by an elderly woman who helped him.

Kim Soo-Hyun’s excellent in-depth acting in the role of mentally handicapped makes this film interesting and funny comedy. Like other Korean films, there is also a moment in Secretly Greatly that makes the audience touched.

Best Korean Comedy Movies Speedy Scandal

The film, produced in 2008, has lifted Park Bo Young’s image as a cute, funny and innocent girl. Tells about Nam Hyun Soo (Cha Tae Hyun), radio DJ and popular entertainer. One day, there was a woman named Hwang Jung Nam (Park Bo Young) who visited Hyun Soo’s apartment and claimed to be his daughter. But Hwang Jung Nam already has a son in age and makes Hyun Soo a grandfather. As an entertainer, Hyun Soo does not just believe in Jung Nam’s confession. Jung Nam threatens to expose his identity to reporters if not allowed to live in his apartment. The conflict begins when the teenage Jung Nam is considered as Hyun Soo’s lover.

Hello Ghost

Hello Ghost tells the story of San Man (Cha Tae Hyun) who began to see the ghost after surviving the attempted suicide. Sang Man can see 4 ghosts who keep following him wherever he goes.

Feeling uncomfortable with the disturbance of the ghosts, he also tried to grant the last wishes of the four ghosts who followed him to calm them down and soon into the afterlife.

San Man who was frustrated with his life finally got a new meaning in his life. Best Korean comedy Movies are not just funny but also has a touching twist that is very touching and can make the audience throw out their tears.