KMazing – Korean drama has its own fans in various parts of the world. This is due to the drama that always presents an exciting and sometimes anti-mainstream story. Not only exciting, often the stories that are displayed make the audience cry, sad, happy and even laugh out loud. It is still coupled with the ranks of actors who are handsome and beautiful, making Korean dramas much loved by lots and lots of people.

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This time we will be discussing the genre of comedy, not only carrying a comedy, the story inside the series usually connect this genre with romantic and sometimes thriller or even fantasy, which is becoming the trend nowadays. The collaboration of genre with the non-mainstream story will surely make the audience get the story easier and lost in thought while watching it. So without further ado, here are KMazing top choice of 20 comedy-genre television series.

Enjoy !


The drama that just aired on November 6, 2017, then this increasingly snatch the attention of the Korean drama lovers. Tells of Yoo Eun-Ho who has a special ability to read other people’s thoughts while putting his hands in the hands of others. Because of his special ability, he can not open his mind to anyone. One day, she meets Choo Ji-Eun who has two different personalities. How do the two fit in? Keep up with the story!

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Please Come Back Mister

Korean comedy drama tells of a man killed when he worked. but he can return to the world by living in another man’s body for a limited time. Lee Hae-Joon (Rain) is a perfect human with a handsome appearance. She works as a section head for the women’s department store department. His body is completely overwhelmed by the soul of Kim Young-soo (Kim In-kwon) who works to death.

Han Hong-nan (Oh Yeon-seo) is a beautiful woman, but her soul is dominated by a formidable man named Han Gi-Tak (Kim Soo-ro). Shin Da-hye (Lee Min-jung) is the beautiful wife of Kim Young-soo, but her husband suddenly dies. He then falls into a love triangle with Lee Hae-joon (Rain) and a store employee (Yoon Park). Kim Young-soo and Han Gi-tak have to abide by 3 important rules after returning to life by inhabiting different bodies to be able to complete their unfinished business, can they do it ?


The Korean drama Beautiology101 is one of the dramas that aired with a fairly small number of episodes of just 10 episodes. Some of the artists who played in the drama Beautiology101 is like Han Ji Eun, Lee Cheol Woo, Choi Ji Hun, Jin Hyuk, Kim Jae Yeong and many more artists. Beautiology101 is about beauty and makeup with lots and lots of intriguing twist.

In fact, Beautiology101 has been sponsored by Innisfree which is a great cosmetic brand. Telling a 20-year-old woman named Lee Bong Ju who has a passion for beauty so she goes to K-Beauty School, and there the adventure begins.


In accordance with the title, this Korean comedy television is Fantastic. Korean drama entitled Fantastic is a favorite drama of many people who have episodes quite a lot, which is about 16 episodes. There are many drama stars who play characters in this series such as Kim Hyun Joo, Ji Soo, Kim Tae Hoon, Park Shi Yeon, Joo Sang Wook and many more.

Although it was categorized as the comedic drama, this series also inserted sad and touching moment which is about writers who has a verdict of life expectancy of just 6 months. How is the next story?

Modern Farm

Modern Farm tells the story of a rock band “Excellent Souls” or commonly called “ExSO”. The band’s group consists of 4 personnel namely Lee Min-ki (Lee Hong-gi), Kang Hyeok (Park Min-woo), Yoo Han-cheol (Lee Si-eon), and Han Ki-joon (Kwak Dong-yeon).

One day, ExSO band decided to give up life in Seoul and move to a small town in the countryside to cultivate the land that Lee Min-ki’s grandmother inherited to him after her grandmother’s death. When Min-ki gets there, he meets with village chief Kang Yoon-hee (Lee Ha-nui). Min-Ki falls in love with Yoon-he and decides to get close to her.

The excitement began to emerge from the madness of the ExSO who did not know how to be a farmer. Then how are they going to cultivate the land? as well as how Min-ki’s love affair with Yoon-he?

20th Century Boy and Girl

This drama tells about four friends who have met since high school. Gong Ji-Won, Sa Jin-Jin, Han A-Reum, and Jang Young-Sim. Sa Jin Jin is a top Korean artist with a beautiful face and a sexy body. Gong Ji Won is a successful businessman but humble.

Both had time to undergo sweet love in adolescence and broke up because Gong Ji Won moved abroad. As time goes on, Gong Ji Won and Sa Jin Jin meet again, their love story begins again. However, Anthony who is the older brother of Gong Ji Won has a feeling towards Sa Jin Jin. How is the story gonna get resolved?


Introverted Boss

At the point when a youthful, vivacious representative joins an advertising firm with a thoughtful and extremely misjudged supervisor, she makes it her life’s central goal to demonstrate the world who she truly is. Eun Hwan Ki is the leader of a PR organization. He is extremely modest. So shy that even his workers don’t have any acquaintance with him that well. He likes to cover up in his office. Everybody supposes he is a chilly, thorny, pompous grouch.They call him the “Silent Monster”.

Chae Ro Woon is a current contract with a similar organization. She is lively, bubbly, loves to be the focal point of consideration and dependably has a remark. The correct inverse of her supervisor, who she appears to have a repressed hostility against. Her objective in life is: to uncover the huge big cheese for who he truly is and render her retribution.

The company additionally utilizes Kang Woo-Il, the co-supervisor at the organization. He, not at all like his accomplice, is warm, touchy and very much loved. Eun Yi Soo is a chaebol beneficiary who has been locked in for three long years.

My Runway

“My Runway” is a Korean mini-series that may simply have you fling viewing the whole thing before you know it. The series is about a young lady with high any desires for turning into a renowned model in Korea. Regardless of different tryouts, she can’t figure out how to annoy a vocation. Shockingly one night at karaoke an interesting occurrence happens, making her switch bodies with an accomplished male model. They are each tossed into the new world as they need to figure out how to be the other individual as they wildly look for an approach to switch their bodies back. The plot incorporates humor and a romantic tale which capsized the majority of the best K-Drama.

Lets Eat

Let’s Eat portrays the day by day life and sentiment of a lady and a murder case happens in her neighborhood. Lee Soo-Kyung is a 33-year-old single lady. She separated from her husband when she was in her 20’s and now lives alone. She generally needs to conduct herself with pride, however, she loses poise when she is close to gourmet. Koo Dae-Young is a gourmet, particularly skilled with portraying the essence of sustenances. He often lies when he opens his mouth, however, he is generally thoughtful of others.


Choi In Ha has a difficult time, but the not impossible task ahead when she turns into a communicate columnist, particularly when she experiences a condition known as “Pinocchio disorder,” which makes her break out into hiccups at whatever point she tells a lie. Her new kid on the block associates incorporate Choi Dal Po, whose pitiful appearance veils his actual persuasiveness and sharp memory; Seo Bum Jo, a well-off beneficiary who has had everything given to him in life; and Yoon Yoo Rae, whose fangirl learning proves to be useful in covering the news. The 20-something beginner journalists seek after equity as they endeavor to find themselves simultaneously.

Beautiful Gong Shim

For the duration of the episode of Beautiful Gong Shim which is about 20 episodes. The story in this drama is about Gong Shim and Gong Mi with sibling relationships that are very funny and can make us who watch it will be in the state of laughing every time. This drama looks very sweet when the brothers find their true love. With solid storytelling, the drama successfully brings out the best of the cast and the plot, which is in a way quite unique.

Something about 1 Percent

Some of the stars who get the role in this drama are like Ha Suk Jin, Im Do Yoon, Jeon So Min, Lee Hae in and many more. Actually, Something About 1 Percent is an adaptation of a novel by Hyun Go Woon with the title 1% ui Eoddungut.

The story is about Lee Jae In who is known as a handsome man, rich, intelligent and his appearance always makes a lot of women interested in him. However, the arrogant nature that inside his trait make many women recheck their decision to approach him again.

I’m Not a Robot

Kim Min Kyu ( Yoo Seung Ho) is both a virtuoso and the essential investor of KM Financial, the nation’s biggest monetary company. He’s likewise never had a sweetheart and cases to be “unfavorably susceptible” to people. Enter Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin), an aspiring business person and a mechanical building whiz. Her ex, Hong Baek Kyung (Uhm Ki Joon) is a widely acclaimed shrewd designing educator who makes a female android named Aji-3 that looks precisely like her. Through an odd arrangement of conditions, Ji Ah Jo winds up professing to be her own particular resemblance, Aji-3. Presently she’s got in a bizarre love triangle with two virtuosos, and the strain to keep up the trick can influence anybody to feel somewhat robotic.

Oh My Ghost

“Oh My Ghost” is a K-drama including romance, activity, satire, and apparitions. What more might you be able to request? A lady named Na Bong Sun has been managing annoying ghost who decline to allow her to sit unbothered. She is one of only a handful couple of individuals who can see dead individuals so she should conceal this capacity from her associates so they don’t consider her as insane. One day she gets controlled by a striking and reserved phantom who flips around her life.

The Sound of Your Heart 

This comedic Korean drama is an adaptation from a webtoon with the same title ‘The Sound of Your Heart’ by Jo Seok who has been published online since 2006. It’s funny stories about writer Jo Seok (Lee Kwang Soo), his brother Jo Joon (Kim Dae Myung), and Ae bong (Jung So Min), is Jo Seok’s girlfriend and becomes his wife later in the story. The drama revolved around the writer daily life which is hilarious and relatable to our daily life.

Queen In-Hyun’s Man

This romantic drama is about Kim Boong Do, a student who travel time to the next 300 years. In the future, Kim Boong Do meets a beautiful actress named Choi Hee Jin. The actress is trying to recover her career through a drama called Queen In Hyun’s that aired on a TV station.

The second meeting is very interesting to follow, in which Cho Hee Jin must explain everything to Kim Boong Do who is astonished by the future world. Not just romantic and funny, this one Korean drama also has many touching moments between the two main actors.

Marriage Not Dating

Affluent plastic specialist Gong Ki Tae is an effective and upbeat single guy who does not have any desire to get himself a spouse. He trusts that his life is consummately arranged, and being single is the main alternative he acknowledges. Be that as it may, his family is bullying him to wed. With an end goal to recover his folks off his about the consistent string of introductory outings and marriage prospects, Ki Tae intentionally conveys Joo JangMi home to meet his family acting like his sweetheart, in order making sure that they’ll never affirm of her to become his bride.

Chief Kim

Will corporate management issues transform a terrible individual into a decent man? Kim Sung Ryong is a talented bookkeeper who works for criminals. He advances into an organization called TQ Group as a center chief in the bookkeeping division with the goal of stealing cash from the organization. As he battles with superstar bookkeeper Yoon Ha, monetary wonder Seo Yool and enthusiastic assistant Hong Ga Eun, Sung Ryong gets himself embroiled in office issues and different shenanigans by people with significant influence that undermine to cut down the organization. Sung Ryong gradually comes to understand that he’d rather battle against corporate debasement and battle for representatives’ rights than finish the mission he initially came to do. Would he be able to prevail at his new goal despite seemingly insurmountable opposition?


Goblin is a romantic drama that has a bit of fantasy seasoning. Tells about a general who was betrayed by his kingdom and died with a sword that stuck in his body. Eventually, he rose again and became a Goblin who could not die. The only way for the Goblin to die is to pull a sword that pierces his body, and the only person who can do that is the Goblin Bride.

After waiting for hundreds of years finally, the Goblin met a high school girl named Ji Eun-Tak, the girl is known as the Goblin Bride who can kill him. However, both are in love and do not want to leave each other. The funny thing is, if the Goblin’s bride does not pull out his sword, then she is the one who will die. So, how is the story going to end?

Eulachacha Waikiki

One of Korea’s leading drama JTBC in February 2018 is the Eulachacha Waikiki series. The television series is about 3 men with different backgrounds. Kang Dong Goo (Kim Jung Hyun) aspires to become a film director. While Cheon Joon Ki (Lee Yi Kyung) wants to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a famous actor, but now he’s just an ordinary actor.

Meanwhile, Bong Doo Sik (Son Seung Won) came to Seoul to become a screenwriter, but it was not easy for him. The three men then run Waikiki guest house in Itaewon, South Korea. Their Guest House faced bankruptcy and then a mysterious baby and a single parent woman appeared in Waikiki.