KMazing – The storyline which is far from boring, making Korean drama a spectacle that is always interesting to watch. And there are a lot of Korean drama that achieved the status of legendary drama. In addition to the romantic part, the comedy addition has also dispersed the tension and created much interesting series.

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Well, now, at this time we will try to bring back the list of romantic Korean dramas that are not only good in the storyline but also easy to “digest”. But not the usual romantic we bring in the romantic comedy. The list is crafted by our team based on the personal preferences, so if you guys wanted to add more to our list, go ahead and use the comment section below. So let’s get on the list!


My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

My Girlfriend is A Gumiho is a romantic comedy Korean drama starring Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah. Tells about Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi), a student from a wealthy family who wants to become a famous action actor.

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One day, Cha Dae Woong unintentionally frees a mystical creature named Gumiho (Tailed nine). But Gumiho here is not intangible creepy, she even has a very beautiful figure like an angel. After being released, the Gumiho keeps following Cha Dae Woong wherever he goes.

Initially, Cha Dae Woong was disturbed by the presence of Gumiho, but eventually grew romantic feelings. My Girlfriend is A Gumiho have lots of touching moments but also armed with lots of funny comedies. Suitable for you who loves romantic comedy genre.

Full House

The story is unique, funny, romantic. Tells of the matter of unofficial contract marriage, so the marriage is just a pretention because of the urges of the parents. The story begins between Han Ji-Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and Lee Young-Jae (Rain). Starting from Ha Ji-Eun who tricked her two friends, on the pretext of a free holiday to Shanghai.

She’s on a plane with a handsome Korean actor, Lee Young-Jae (Rain). But inside the plane, Jie-Eun throws up on Lee Young-Jae’s clothes. Upon arriving in Shanghai, Jie-Eun runs out of money. And just realized that she was scammed. Then after returning to Korea, Ji-Eun’s house which was named Full House was already sold by her friend to Lee Young-Jae.

Both of them agreed to stay together. But Lee Young-Jae requires Ha Ji-Eun to be a housekeeper. The drama started to reach the climax when Lee Young-Jae was forced by her mother to marry. Of course, Ha Ji-Eun will be the one, because she and Lee Young-Jae practically live in the same house.

Secret Garden

There are a lot of comical elements in each episode of this drama. Secret Garden combines elements of drama, comedy, fantasy, and action, so it is guaranteed that you will not be bored while watching it. This drama tells of Kim Joo-won, an arrogant and bossy president department store business chain. This cynical man by chance met a stuntwoman named Gil Ra-im who is beautiful. Ra-im is poor and has no family, very contrary to Joo-won. However, Joo-won is very interested in Ra-im. In an unexpected event, these two people exchanged bodies. There on the complicated and silly things happen after that.

Fated to Love You

The drama that is adapted from the Taiwanese series relies on the acting power of the two main actors, Jang Hyuk and Jang Na-ra, who both present a funny and touching story. Lee Gun is president of a family company that produces shampoo and soap. He is the only heir of his family. While Kim Mi-young is a worker in an awkward law firm and a little naive in her life. Fate brings the meeting of both of them and the unexpected thing happened accidentally, that Mi-young is pregnant. How do they deal with situations like this? The drama is full of surprises.

Dream High

Dream High is one of the best Korean dramas of all time running in 2010. This 16 episode drama is very popular among teenagers because the story is very close to their lives.

Dream High itself tells about six high school students who dream to be famous in the Korean music industry. On the sidelines of their study time, the six students are trying to develop their own musical ability so they can debut on the stage immediately. Romantic comedy stories about friendship, love, and dream make this Korean drama very worthy to watch.

Mischievous Kiss

This best-selling drama has aired many countries and received widespread attention outside of Korea. The story adapted from the Japanese manga is centered on a stupid schoolgirl named Oh Ha-ni who likes the smartest student in her school, Baek Seung-jo. But Seung-jo rejects Ha-ni because he openly hates stupid women. Once, an earthquake destroyed Ha-ni’s house. Ha-ni is then invited to move to the home of her father’s unexpected childhood friend is Seung-jo’s home. Though initially surprised, Ha-ni is more enthusiastic about luring Seung-jo who remains insensitive to his feelings, until he really melts and accepted her love.

The Heirs

The Heirs is a very popular Korean romantic comedy-drama in 2013. This drama’s full title “The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstands the Weight-The Heirs” has 20 episodes and aired on SBS.

The Heirs himself tells of Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) a son of a conglomerate who has everything except in his love life. His encounter with Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) in an unexpected incident became the start of the story of The Heirs. In addition to Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, this best Korean drama also stars Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji Won, and Kang Min Hyuk.

The Moon That Embraces The Sun

The Moon That Embraces The Sun is the most popular Korean drama of 2012, starring Kim Soo-hyun, Han Ga-in, Jung Il-woo and Kim Min-seo. The Korean drama with 20 episodes is adapted from a novel with the same-titled by Jung Eun-gwol.

Taking background in the Joseon era, The Sun That Embraces The Sun drew success and broke the Korean television rating record by 47% (precisely in episode 18). Not just rating, this television series has also been named the best Korean drama in the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards. There is no reason to miss this romantic series.

Rooftop Prince

Get ready to laugh out loud to see lots of funny scenes presented at the beginning, but you will be touched to witness some of the action of the final episode. That’s what this drama is bringing you. Four men dressed in strange clothes from the Joseon era suddenly fell from the roof of the house of a woman named Park-ha. One of the men is Lee-gak, the crown prince of Joseon’s kingdom. Apparently, they have been thrown so far 300 years into 2012. He then met with half-brother Park-ha, Se-na, who is similar to his wife who died in the 18th century. Lee-I do not believe it’s reincarnation and he wants to do something to get close to Se-na.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

The story of a girl in the Joseon Era. Her name is Kim Yoon Hee (Park Min Young). She’s a poor but talented girl. Because of poverty, she disguises herself as a man and works in bookstores. Sher works as the copywriter for nobles. One time she tried to enroll in public school.

Kim Yoon Hee meets Lee Sun Joon (Micky Park Yoo Chun), the son of the State Minister who leads the Noron faction on school enrollment. And she managed to trap Lee Sun Joon for both of them to be accepted. Problems begin to arise when Kim has to deal with a fierce student leader and when she begins to fall in love with Lee Sun Joon.

The Legend Of The Blue Sea

The drama starring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun tells the story of Kim Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) a noble in Joseon era who frees mermaid named Shim Chung (Jun Ji Hyung) to return to the sea.

In the present time, there is a man named Heo Jun Jae who has an appearance that is very similar to Dam Ryung. One day, Heo Jun Jae meets with the mermaid in Spain. Unfortunately, Heo Jun Jae is interested in Shim Chung just because of the antique bracelet she wore. Secretly, he plans to seize the Joseon era bracelet from Shim Chung. Although initially has no good intentions, but then Heo Jun Jae actually fell in love with a strange woman who turned out mermaid.

This Korean drama managed to get a high rating and even beat Descendants of the Sun rating in its first episode.

Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is one of the most loved dramas of viewers and has popularized Korean coffee culture in the wider community. With a unique theme, Coffee Prince offers a love story between a tomboyish woman dressed up like a man with a handsome businessman. Choi Han-kyul, a man from a wealthy family, takes over an old coffee shop and for the sake of attracting female customers, he only employs handsome men. Go Eun-chan who desperate to apply for the job there get in disguise as a man. Gradually, Eun-chan’s identity is known to Han-kyul who then forgives him and starts something new with him.

Boys Before Flowers

This “Meteor Garden” adaptation drama is one of Korea’s most popular and influential dramas. Its broadcasting rights are sold in many countries and all of the actors that involved are successful in becoming famous Korean drama stars in Asia. A simple girl named Geum Jan-in entering the elite school controlled by F4, a group of four arrogant students who became the king in school. Everyone including teachers is subject to the rich and influential children. Geum Jan-di stands up and tries against F4 rudeness. Initially, F4 was about to destroy Jan-di, but instead, love triangle happened between Jan-di and two members of F4.

The Greatest Love

This drama surely will bring laughter in your room thanks to Cha Seung-won’s excellent acting along with Gong Hyo-jin. This sweet story begins when Gu Ae-Jung, the ex-girl band member of popular Kukbo Sonyeo who went bankrupt 10 years ago, her career was destroyed and she tried super hard to work on the screen in order to support her father and brother. On the other side is Dokko Jin, the most loved star in Korea. Ae-jung knows Jin’s secrets by chance and reveals them in a talk show. Jin gets angry, but after a long time he starts to fall in love with Ae-Jung and tries to win her heart.

He’s Beautiful

Many people admitted that this one particular drama is very interesting and does not have any boring scene. Incorporating musical elements in a drama comedy, Jang Geun-suk and his comrades can really captivate viewers. Go Mi-nyeo (female) is Go Mi-nam’s twin brother (male). Mi-nam is a musician, while Mi-nyeo dreams of becoming a nun. But since Mi-nam has to go to America, Mi-nyeo is asked to replace her brother’s position as a musician. He joined the band A.N.JELL which consisted of handsome men. The exciting yet funny conflict colored this drama.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Kim Bok-Joo (Lee Sung-Kyung) is the son of a weightlifter athlete. Although she is a girl she has unusual powers. She is a student at a sports school in Korea. She has two friends who are also troubled, the one exposed to disqualification and want to set off to the Asian Games together. All three joint their motivation and solve their problem.

A Gentleman’s Dignity

This particular drama is becoming so many people’s favorite because it was so funny tot he extends that anyone who watches it will not be bored. The element of romance is also presented sweetly along the episode. A Gentleman’s Dignity tells of four 40-year-old men who have been friends since they were 18 years old. They are Kim Do-jin, Im Tae-san, Choi Yoon, and Lee Jung-rok. Among them is a beautiful high school teacher named Seo Yi-soo. Kim Do-jin falls in love with Yi-soo, but facts say something else. Yi-soo secretly likes Tae-san. Can a woman’s presence destroy their friendship?

My Love from the Stars

My Love from the Stars is a mega-drama that is very influential and successful because of the beauty of the braided story that he presented. Carrying romantic comedy and fantasy, this drama can flip through the feelings of the viewers with a touching romance and comedy. Do Min-Joon is an alien who has lived on earth for 400 years. In his last months living on earth, he has become the next door neighbor to Cheon Song-Yi, a top Korean actress who is not only beautiful but also ridiculous and weird. Do Min-Joon is cool to patiently deal with Song-yi’s actions until finally, he has to protect Song-yi from a danger that threatens her life until they fall in love.

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

The story of a high school girl born with superpowers. But what happens if she finally fell in love? and the guy was horrified. But the story becomes unique when there is love that grows and the couple starts to become attracted toward each other. Actually, this romantic Comedy drama has been receiving appreciation for a long time and until now there are still people that talk about the drama.

The Producer

Korean drama This producer will tell you about the backstage world of a reality show. This drama will be explained about the likes of the producer team to create a reality show based on the rating.

Baek Seung Chang (played by Kim Soo Hyun) tries to become a producer for the sake of his first love. Unfortunately, the girl has actually been dating Ra Joon mo (played by Cha tae hyun) who apparently only intend to date.

On the other hand, there is Tak yee ji (played by Gong hyo jin) who is a senior of Baek seung chang but also a close friend of Tak yee jin. Not only that, they even live in the same house.