The presence of a global streaming service, makes you neglect the neccesities of always have to watch movies with the need to stand in queue for getting the chance to enjoy the new movie in the cinema. One of the most famous services is Netflix which often issued the titles of films and serial that are superb in quality. Through the provision of the complete archive of this platform, you can enjoy best movies on Netflix wherever you want and whenever you want. Especially if you run out of tickets cinemas with the latest movies.

Since the library of the platform that keeps on expanding, there are also movies on Netflix that have been released before but you have not had time to watch it, well you can enjoy it on the platform Netflix. So for you who still cannot select which movie that suit your favorite taste, KMazing has prepared a list that we compose in such a way as to fulfill your wishes. Enjoy!

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This semidocumentary film tells the story of a patient who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a disease that attacks the nervous system and immune system. The figure of Jennifer Brea as the lead actor of this film successfully displays the figure of people with CFS who have a good career but must stop in bed.

Through the figure of Brea, this documentary film inspired the people with CFS to never give up. What doctors call a severe illness can be cured through self-suggestion. The film is a winner in the event the Sundance Film Festival will be able to enjoy on Netflix on January 15, 2018.

Step Sisters

This comedy-genre film is suitable for those who like music and dance. Yep, while reviewing the movies from the trailer of the film, this film at first glance similar to the Pitch Perfect franchise which is interesting because of the show a line of beautiful girls who show their sensuality in dancing and singing. Like watching a music-themed movie, you will be served with songs that will a pleasure to your ear.

A Futile and Stupid Gesture

Netflix’s original film is a biographical comedy based on a book titled the same by Josh Karp. This film tells the ins and outs of Lampoon National magazine, a comedy magazine that is now plunged into the film business. Yep, this biopic film is about Doug Kenney and his magazine business. Netflix re-enliven Kenney figure through the movie that will air on January 26. This comedy film can be the escape choice at the moment you are loosely tired of life. This film is also suitable for those who like biopic movies that some people just get bored with the plot.

Bad Day for The Cut

The film that became director Chris Baugh’s debut has its own charm and already attract attention from the world. The thriller genre originated of Northern Ireland tells the story of a middle-aged boy named Donal. He lives quietly on a farm in the interior with his mother.

All that changed when the maid was killed when the robber forced his house into the house. Donal was forced to take part in a bloody mission to avenge his death. Well, this movie made Baugh is somewhat similar to the formula from Stephen Spielberg films. You can watch on Netflix started from January 18th.


Maisie Williams, a very famous star in playing Aryan on TV Serial Game of Thrones had shocked her fans when she chose to join the cast for Netflix original movies. For Sci-Fi lovers, this film is pretty much in the plot, and the idea of a fresh story makes iBoy the right choice for those who are bored with the gloomy usual story in sci-fi movies. This is one of best movies on Netflix you must watch!

Best Movies on Netflix : Bright

Directed by David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad, and also starring Will Smith, making Bright the most anticipated movie of 2017. The film revolves around the LAPD police who face bizarre monsters in his daily life. This movie aired the first time in December 2017.

The Open House

This thriller-psychology thriller film tells of a teenager and his mother who is moving house and gets a mysterious distraction from a frightening power. In a way, the genre of this movie re-coloring a row of films Netflix different from others. Through the footage, it feels that the film is made seriously. Not a little jump scare scene is displayed, that make this movie one of the top choices for horror movie lovers. Moreover, the psychological element will make your mind open.

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy

The film tells of Goldberg’s action still played by Danny Trejo as a cruel gambler. For you who miss the action, you must watch this movie. The film that aired on January 30th is a sequel to the previous films. Judging from the movie trailer, this film got a lot of gloom background which means stunning action. Yep, perfect for you who like action movies full of explosions.

Europa Report

Next of best movies on Netflix is Europa Report. When an unmanned investigation was sent to investigate one of Jupiter’s moons with an estimate that there might be a form of life there. There are six astronauts embarked on a mission to unravel the mystery about the island. Instead of being shot with traditional filmmaking techniques, the narrative is made through the use of security cameras, making it difficult for audiences to guess what threatens the astronauts.


Taking a concept similar to Edge of Tomorrow and Groundhog Day, ARQ tells the story of a man named Renton who must face his enemy by being in a Time Loop world that always repeats when he dies. This mystery must be solved to be able to run his life normally with his girlfriend Hannah.


Next, on our list, we have a movie called Okja played by South Korean actress Ahn Seo-hyun. The film tells the story of Mija, a little girl who’s trying to keep an animal so-called Okja. This film will take a lot of drama because of the conflict about the growth of Okja. The film is available on Netflix since June last year.


Zootopia is an animated action and comedy film from Walt Disney Pictures that you must watch with your family. Zootopia is an animated film created by the same studio that created the Frozen. The Zootopia film was directed by Bryan Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush and published by Clark Spencer. While the scriptwriter is Jared Bush.

Zootopia tells of a fox named Nick Wilde who lives in the city of Zootopia, which is divided into four areas: Tundratown, Sahara Square, Little Rodenta and Burrowborough. Wilde needs to find a way out when he is accused of a crime he did not commit. A rabbit, Lieutenant. Judy Hopps, who is also a police officer in the city, is trying to track down the real enemies and she has to work with Wilde.

This action-packed and comedic animated film is filled with voices by the world’s top artists, such as Jason Bateman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Shakira, Idris Elba, J.K. Simmons, Octavia Spencer, and Bonnie Hunt. Zootopia film scored 98% in Rotten Tomatoes rating, so it is worth watching on Netflix.

Beauty and The Beast

This film gets a 71% rating on the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes so it gets the Certified Fresh title. This Beautiful and Shaggy Movie is a Disney adaptation of a classic fairy tale that tells of a giant ugly prince and a beautiful woman who fell in love with her. Their introduction occurred after Belle tried to save his father who became a prisoner of the Beast. The princess has been acquainted with palace workers who have also been cursed. The workers hope that Belle, the girl who will be able to restore the condition and situation as before. The 2-hour 10-minute film features famous actors and actresses, including Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Josh Gad, Stanley Tucci, and more.


Following the landing of NASA’s inquiry mission in Mexico, apparently, the giant tentacle beast had inhabited the land. The monsters made it an almost uninhabited area. After a photojournalist was ordered by his boss to escort the boss’s daughter through a danger zone, the two traveled through the area of the monster. Similar to Annihilation, the Monster features an adventurous character into a dangerous area until the heroic soul appears in self-defense. The film is directed by Gareth Edwards, the film also took him to revive the Godzilla movie franchise and the project Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The Meyerowitz Stories

The film is much awaited by many fans because in The Meyerowtiz Stories there are two best comedy actors of all time, namely Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller. Both of these actors are already far away will announce to play in the original film Netflix. This film tells about a strange family and has a lot of drama. The Meyerowitz Stories is premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2017.

The Jungle Book

After more than four decades of success in the animated film which is now one of the classic movies, The Jungle Book re-switched to the big screen with the latest version. The Jungle Book is a film whose story is adapted from the Rudyard Kipling storybook first published in 1894 and received a tremendous response in several countries.

The Jungle Book tells of a boy named Mowgli who was raised by a wolf in the woods. He befriends a bear named Baloo and a cheetah named Bagheera. Mowgli was forced to leave his family wolf when threatened by a tiger, Shere Khan, who hates humans. Walt Disney Pictures later lifted this story in an animated film of the same title in 1967. Later in 1994, the latest version of the film was re-created under the title Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book and directed by Stephen Sommers. While Jason Scott Lee plays the role of Mowgli, the main character in the story.

In 2016, Walt Disney Pictures re-create a new version with the help of director Jon Favreau who is famous for his great work such as Iron Man, Elf, Zathura, Chef and Cowboys & Aliens. Featuring Neel Sethi as the main actor named Mowgli. Overall, this movie is very interesting for the whole family to watch. Special effects through computer-generated drawing techniques (CGI) are also used to describe forest life, including Mowgli’s caregiver who picked up The Jungle Book storyline.

War Machine

The film, starring Brad Pitt tells the story of US soldiers assigned to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan. Not about the battle with the epic explosion, this movie is an action-comedy genre. So, you’ll see how this movie tells about the other side of the war, especially the comedic side.

Inside Out

This film is an animated film that gets good reviews and high ratings, although the ticket sales only reached 857 million dollars. The film tells the story of a girl named Riley, a cheerful and hockey-loving girl. Her life was so cheerful that one day her parents were forced to move to San Francisco, which made her feel pressured to settle in a new place. Riley’s emotional controller is Joy, trying to keep Riley happy in her new life. However, Riley looks increasingly depressed. While the controller of sadness in Riley’s brain, the Sadness will try to make this girl moody. Movies produced by Disney Pixar have been available to Netflix customers in more than 50 countries since September 2017.

V for Vendetta

This film is able to scratch your brain against the concept of his dystopic political thriller story. The story is adapted from a well-known novel of the same title. The story begins with the many wars and poverty that has caused political unrest in Britain. Then came the masked V-figure trying to light a revolution for the citizens to return the country from their oppressive politicians. The concept is still based on a comic in 1988 by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, V for Vendetta is a story style reminder that readers, “People should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of the people. “

Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them

The film director David Yates has been able to enjoy the Netflix members since October 1, 2017, especially in Norway, Australia, Sweden and Japan. The film titled Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them is lifted from the novel by J. K Rowling who is better known as the creator of Harry Potter series. So this movie has a story that is not much different from Harry Potter that is themed about the occult and magic.

As a writer, JK Rowling not only focuses her work on the Harry Potter story but also channeled her creativity by producing several titles that have links to the magical and fantasy worlds, one of which is the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which was published in 2001 using a fictitious name, Newt Scamander.

No longer taking a total background in England, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them gives something new to an audience to explore the magical world and other fantasy of the country in the story told 70 years before the Harry Potter.