Fashion King Korean Drama is a prominent TV series in South Korea. It was in national TV in mid-2012. Even though it was over 7 years ago, to this day this TV series is still very popular among the fans of K-drama, even beyond South Korea. This TV series aired on a local South Korean network called SBS. It was first premiered there on March 19th 2012 and it has 20 episodes. The last one was aired on May 22nd 2012.

The 60-minute drama was broadcasted at 10 pm at night local time. The premise of the show is basically about some designers and their dream in the business. The stars of the show are including Yoo Ah-in, Kwon Yuri, Shin Se-kyung, and Lee Je-hoon. The rating of this TV show is quite amazing for a 2012 drama where internet was not used quite often at that time.

Its first episode was not too good but then it makes a great comeback on its second episode, being one of the most watched programs in the entire country. Learn more about this popular Fashion King Korean Drama here and you can also get the synopsis it down below. Here is the further information about the series:


General Information of Fashion King Korean Drama

The TV show has 20 episodes done in two months. Fashion King Korean Drama was shown once every two days and even more frequent. After the episodes are wrapped, the series got acknowledged for several awards. It was nominated for awards, but mostly it was nominations for the actress. Kwon Yuri won SBS Drama Awards for New Star category and she again won at the Baeksang Arts Awards in the category of Most Popular TV actress.

The series was officially broadcasted for international viewers in late 2012 when it was shown in Vietnam through HTV2 channel. Later on, it was shown in Thailand on Workpoint TV channel. The main characters of the series are Kang Young-gul (played by Yoo Ah-in), Lee Ga-young (played by Shin Se-Kyung), Choi Anna (played by Kwon Yuri), and Jung Jae-hyuk (played by Lee Je-hoon).

Those four main characters are the core of the Fashion King Korean Drama, each playing an essential part of the fashion-related plot throughout the entire series. Besides of the four main characters, there are also several prominent supporting characters, including a character named Madame Jo who was portrayed by actress Jang Mi-hee and Miss Go, who was played by Cha Seo-won.

The drama is basically full of star and it was so great to watch according to the viewers and fans of K-Drama. That is why it was still in demand to this day. You can find the episodes of this drama basically everywhere; starting from streaming service channels to local DVD’s containing the entire 20 episodes of this infamous Fashion King Korean Drama.


Fashion King Korean Drama Premise

The synopsis or premise about the Fashion King Korean Dramais basically revolving around a young designer named Kang Young-gul. This is the main character of the series played by Yoo Ah-min. He was a young man and an aspiring designer who tried to start his fashioned business from nothing.

He was very unsuccessful until the day he met a beautiful woman named Lee Ga-young (character played by Shin Se-kyung) who was an orphan for a long time and accidently had natural talent of designing. Kang Young-gul and Lee Ga-yong had instant connection and the later eventually got a scholarship and moved to New York to get fashion designing degree from New York Fashion School.

Meanwhile, there was another young man called Jung Jae-hyuk (played by Lee Je-hoon) with his girlfriend Choi Anna (portrayed by Kwon Yuri) who both worked in the fashion industry, too. The man was in discontent with his girlfriend and started to notice Lee Ga-young, slowly left Choi Anna. Lee Ga-young had never interested to anyone else but Young-gul. In a surprising plot, Young-gul switched his love interest from Lee Ga-young to Choi Anna.

It creates a sort of love complications and the four characters are starting to run after each other for their love and for their dream of getting acknowledged in the industry of fashion. This complicated relationship between all four characters made the Fashion King Korean Drama storyline popular back in the day.