10 Best Korean Drama 2018 Candidates That You Need to Watch

best Korean Drama 2017 - 2018

1010 Best Korean Dramas Candidates of 2018 That You Need to Watch

KMazing – It is undeniable fact that the Korean drama has become a compulsory spectacle for its lovers. With a variety of genres, plus the story that is not only interesting but also intriguing plus the actors and actresses that are very good looking to stun the audience to watch the series. Various TV channels in Korea are competing to make Korea’s best and quality drama. In the beginning of 2018, there are some dramas that have and will air in South Korea and we do not want to miss our chance to give our recommendation for you. Enjoy!

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10. Cross

The medical drama starring Go Kyung Pyo is a doctor who holds a grudge against his father’s killer. Go Kyung Pyo, who plays Doctor Kang In Kyu, volunteered to become a doctor in the prison where his father’s murderer was languishing. In this drama, Go Kyung Pyo collided acting with Jeon So Min and Cho Jae Hyun. The series starts airing on January 27 every Monday and Tuesday on tvN.

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