KMazing – Missing Nine “is a drama directed by Ashbun, and the screenwriter for the series is Han Jung Hoon. Starring Jung Kyung-Ho, Baek Jin-Hee, Choi Tae Joon, Lee Sun-Bin, and Chanyeol EXO. MBC presents this drama starting from January 18, 2017 titled Missing Nine (미씽 나인). Missing Nine replaces the previous drama which used to fill the slot, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo.

MBC apparently still presents a fresh drama with similar nuances of previous dramas. Missing Nine tells the story of missing and stranded people on an island after the plane they get on got into turbulence and crashed into the sea.

Plot of The Story

The story begins when news spread about plane crash accident that was boarded by idols and staff from Legend Entertainment. The plane that was planned to land in China in order to hold an international concert but unfortunately crash down into the sea and no survivors reported. 4 months passed, suddenly public shocked by the emergence of a girl who survived the plane crash 4 months ago.

The girl named Ra Bong-Hee (Baek Jin-Hee), she is a stylist of artist Seo Joon-Oh (Jung Kyung-Ho) who is also the victim of a plane crash. Many people wonder why Ra Bong-Hee just showed up and survived after 4 months. But Ra Bong-Hee comes back with a forgotten memory, she can not remember what happened for 4 months after the accident happened. Then what about the fate of 8 other people who also happen to be on the plane?

Our Temp Opinion

The sole reason I take a peek at this series is because I wanted to see if Missing 9 is somewhat resemble the popular US series called Lost. Well I can’t help but having the prejudice since the series is taking similar approach to Lost. Curiosity lead to revelation that Missing 9 does include somehow similar “feel” of Lost BUT the execution is far more complicated and straight to problem which is nice. Missing Nine is scheduled to have 20 episodes and up until the first two episode I don’t see any lack point of the series. It’s good choice for popcorn time.