10 Best Korean Movies 2018 Candidates (Upcoming) You Need to Watch


1010 Best Upcoming Korean Movies 2018 You Need to Watch

KMazing – South Korea entertainment industry has not only succeeded in gushing popular dramas loved by drama lovers in various parts of the world but also succeeded by working on quality films such as Taxi drivers, Train To Busan and Along With The Gods who managed to become box office with more than 10 spectators million in Korea alone. The year of 2018 will also become the battlefield for the market in the movie industry, there are a lot of new films will soon appear with a variety of genres, here are the lists of 10 Korean movies that will be premiered in 2018.

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10.  Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis tells the story of a father named Shin Seok Heon who got supernatural powers. Shin Seok Heon tries to save his son Shin Roo Mi who was involved in an unexpected accident. Psychokinesis is a film directed by Yeon Sang Ho who also took the role as a scriptwriter. Psychokinesis is planned to air on cinema in Korea in February 2018.

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