Kmazing – Watching romantic drama is just heart-warming especially if you like to fantasize yourself in such hopeless romantic scene. South Korea is popular of having romantic drama which even can make yourself heart broken and give an expression of “awwww” because the male character just makes sweet movement. Most of Korean dramas are embracing the lovely scenery and bitter-sweet yet beautiful love story. Bunch of Korean dramas with romance genre have released and it must be confusing for choosing which to enjoy. Therefore, we are here to help you select the best Korean romance dramas so you will be able to cuddling with your load of emotions on the weekend.


Young love experience

dream high

Whether you are still in school or not, the juicy high school romance never gets old. “Dream High” apparently knows how to bring your high school sweet memories. High school life in this drama is taking you back when you were hanging out with your friends in school. The conflicts are crunchy and fresh. The main story is about six students at art high school who pursue their music career. You will experience young romance, betrayals, struggling to achieve the best, and how to stay strong when everything is against you.

boys before flowers

Still issuing about young romance, this once most popular Korean drama, “Boys before Flowers”, tells about an ordinary girl who accidentally caught up in a group of wealthy heirs. Since she helped a student who nearly fell from the top of private high school, she has been offered a scholarship to study in that most privileged high school in Korea. Unexpectedly, the famous F4 group leader has a crush on her. It leads to various romantic, fun, yet heart-breaking scenes. Moving on from high school love squashes, one of the best Korean romance dramas must be “Heartstrings”. Beautiful scenes and tough love are filling the whole part between art university students. With their far differences in family backgrounds, these young souls still fall in love with one and another.


Fantasy romantic Korean dramas

big korean drama

Basic romance is so last year. What about take a little step forward and having uncanny love story which including soul trapped, mermaid, and even old mystical creature. Although it sounds strange, but these fantasy dramas are indeed listed on best Korean romance dramas. First up is “Big”. “Big” expresses about 18 years old boy who his spirit somehow trapped in the body of 30 years old male doctor. The funny part comes when his adult body turns out to be engaged to his 18 years old high school teacher. The conflict also derives when the young spirit falls in love with another woman.

The Legend of the Blue Sea

Moreover, mermaid Korean drama that hit the top in the period is “The Legend of the Blue Sea”. This including mermaid romantic drama lets you enjoy the cute and comedy romance between two difference creatures. You can also permit your fantasy into some mystical creature, nine-tailed fox. The drama is titled as “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (Gumiho)”. The adventures begin with the accidental move of a young man which set the nine-tailed fox, Gumiho, free from a painting. The love suddenly blossoms between them since the supernatural creature turns to be a beautiful woman.