KMazing – Alright, before watching these movies, please do take my note carefully, take tissue box with you because you will absolutely need it. Well, Korean movies are not all about the handsome and pretty actors and actress but also regarding the plots and the story, and here for you, we crafted the list of films with touching story plot.

5. Hello Ghost

Hello Ghost is actually a horror comedy genre film, but there are also very touching moments of heart. Tells about Sang Man (Cha Tae Yun), an orphan who feels lonely because he has no family to care about. It makes the Man despair and several times attempted to make a suicide attempt but failed. In his last suicide attempt, sang Man was again saved and even gained the ability to see ghosts.

That’s where he realizes that so far there are ghosts that follow him. Initially, obviously, San Man was disturbed by the presence of the four ghosts. After helping the four ghosts to achieved their last wish, he immediately drove them away to not interfere with his life anymore. Hello Ghost provides valuable lessons about the meaning of life and family. We strongly recommend that you watch!

4. A Long Visit

A Long Visit is a  Korean movie that tells about mother-daughter relationships. Films that tell the story of parents are usually sad, but A Long Visit is undoubtedly the best of them. The story is about Ji Suk, the daughter of a financially unstable family. Feeling her life is difficult, Ji Suk has often complained and prestige admitted his mama look worn. Until then, Ji Suk left home to study at Seoul, worked and got married there. The sadness of a sad Korean movie about this mother will get to the peak when Ji Suk returns home to meet her aging mother. Prepare lots of tissues before watching this movie!

3. Wedding Dress

Another one of the saddest Korean movies that can make everyone who watches it shed tears, namely Wedding Dress. The movie, starring Song Yun Ah and Kim Hyang Gi, is about the designer of a wedding dress named Go Eun (Song Yun Ah). Designers who are also a single parent and suffering from cancer that makes her life will not be for long again.

Knowing this, Go Eun intend to make a very beautiful wedding dress for her daughter someday. Sora, Go Eun’s son secretly knows that her mother’s age will not be long, she is trying to realize all the wishes of her mother before death. Mother-to-child illustrations are plainly illustrated in this sad Korean film.

2. Ode To My Father

There’s another one of the most heartwarming Korean family drama movies, Ode to My Father. The film that takes the set during the North Korean war is about Deok-soo, a boy who was separated from his family while fleeing to the ship. Deok-soo grows up and becomes the backbone of the family, according to what he had promised his father before being separated. Many of Deok-soo’s life test is certainly very inspiring and touching. Ode to My Father is one of the best family drama movies in Korea, be sure not to miss it.

  1. Miracle In Cell No. 7

This is the most moving and touching film of father and daughter relationships that can make everyone watching it shed their tears. Miracle in Cell no. 7 is about Lee Yong Goo, a father with mental retardation who loves his daughter Ye-Sun. Although their lives are full of shortcomings, Lee Yong Goo and Ye-sun are very happy to always be together.

Unfortunately, not long afterward they had to split up because Lee Yong Goo was accused of killing the police commissioner’s son and had to go to jail. He was sent to a prison cell number 7 that was notoriously loud. However, after the inmates of the cell know that Lee Yong-Go is actually innocent, they are hand in hand to reunite Lee Yong-Go with his daughter. In addition to full of inspiring stories, the movie Miracle in Cel no.7 also has a very sad ending and certainly can make you cry. Huge loss if you miss this particular movie.