KMazing – Hi There ! We are back with our Drama Review segment. Today we are going to review one of the most talked television series in 2015 -2016. If you are someone who is into a romantic drama series that is filled with a plethora of cute scenes and one that you can relate, Oh My Venus is the perfect choice for you. The drama may seem lacking if you read the plot, but trust us Oh My Venus will offer more that just another romantic drama. What makes this South Korean drama a good watch and what possibly does it lack? Keep reading to find out. Before that, check out the trailer for the series here.

The Plot

Kim Young-ho (So Ji Sub) is a popular fitness trainer to many Hollywood stars, he is forced to leave the United States after his scandal with one of the actress he was coaching broke out. Initially he thought about going back to South Korea in a bid to stay away from the media until the buzz dies down, little did he know, his life was about to be completely altered on his way back. Kang Joo-eun (Shin Min Ah) who was popular for her beauty and perfect figure in her younger days is now a successful lawyer – her success gains her a lot of thing, and that is including weight. Not only is she now overweight, she is also newly single after being dumped by her boyfriend of 15 years, Im Woo Sik. On the flight back to Korea after a trip, she faint and by chance, Young-ho turns out to be the only medical personnel there – forcing him to care for her throughout the flight and even after they have landed.

The story develops as Joo-eun tries to convince him to be her personal trainer to help her drop her excess weight. Initially reluctant, Young-ho ends up agreeing to her demands, Joo-eun will tell the press that he is hiding in Korea. After an incident that forced her to sell her own apartment, Joo-eun later moves in to live with Young-ho and his flat mates: Ji Woong and Joon-sung.  Joo-eun and Young-ho grow closer as they work on her weight loss transformation, somewhere along the way they find themselves fall for each other and their newfound love helps each other mend the emotional wounds they have from the past.

The Cast

Oh My Venus was accepted very well by the public and was showered with positive feedback and praises due to the overly famous main actor and their chemistry. With the average of 7.2% nationwide, the drama was not only successful in Korea, but also the in the Philippines, Thailand, and Canada.

Our Final Statement

The lack of bigger conflicts in Oh My Venus to drive the story forward is the culprit of why this drama seems a bit slow at times which leads to the decrease of excitement throughout the series. With that being said, it does not mean Oh My Venus isn’t a pleasant drama watch, the fact that each of the cast is able to present their characters flawlessly and act each of their parts in a real way makes for relatable scenes. Unlike in most dramas where some of the leads are presented in an evil and extremely negative way, Oh My Venus decided to go down a different path. Joo Eun’s ex-boyfriend of 15 years and his new girlfriend, Soo Jin, are presented as real people with feelings – which makes for a refreshing watch for people of all age. If you’re into a relatable romance drama with no shortage of cute scenes, this drama is the one for you.

All in all, the series trouble comes from lack of emphasize on “drama-type-exaggerated-story” that usually attract viewer, due to the relatable type of story line  that some people find this drama is boring and not that interesting to follow. Truth is, Oh My Venus actually have quite emotional depth in the story around the characters. The backstories and daily struggles is impacted the viewer more than another romantic drama with the consistent light and sweet atmosphere is always accompanying the run of the story. It’s a pity that it gets a negative review due to the excellent performance by Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub. KMazing really enjoy this drama even though in several occasion we question the flat sensation of watching this drama rather than the hype we expected to. It’s good one for you who love relatable story.

Notable OST
  • “Darling U” by Kim Tae Woo feat. Ben

  • “That Person” by Lyn feat Shin Yong Jae

  • “It’s Me” by MIII

  • “I’ll Be There” by Tei

  • “Love Moves On” by Kei of Lovelyz

  • “Oh My Venus” by Snuper