Action films became popular in 1903, that is, since the release of the movie “The Great Train Robbery”. Action films that are really well made can pump the adrenaline. Action films usually highlight battles, romps, shootouts and other thrilling scenes. However, some of the best action movies of course also present a very good storyline.

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Beneath we’ve curated a rundown of the best action movies at present accessible to stream on Netflix, from the more experience tinged fun loving flicks to enormous spending plan hero films to straight-up kung fu films. It’s the ideal antitoxin to the same-old-same-old, and Netflix has a quite swell and various library of action movies to flavor up your movie time.

Let’s go

V for Vendetta

The film directed by James McTeigue is taking the British background in the future era of totalitarian regime leadership. No more freedom, all governed by the state. Even to embrace a religion that is not according to the rules of the country was considered a crime. In the midst of that situation, someone who claimed to be V (Hugo Weaving) began to launch “propaganda by deed”. All the important people in the party who had sinned in the past had met his death under justice V. V himself finally met his death in the hands of Fingerman, the government policeman.

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The film is set in the era of world war 2, then the quality of weapons and armored American tanks not as good as Germany. America suffered defeat. In 1945 the allied armies fought deep into German Nazi territory. In his desperation, Hitler ordered his troops to fight out against the allies. Among the allied forces, there was Sergeant Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) with 5 members going into the heart of the Nazi defense with a Sharman tank called Fury. The situation got worse as they were under siege of the German SS battalion until they were killed as heroes.

Inglourious Basterds

While Quentin Tarantino presently can’t seem to make a terrible film, his 2009 World War II epic Inglourious Basterds may simply be his most noteworthy perfect work of art. This is a “Men on a Mission” films by method for Tarantino, and keeping in mind that the film shocked some given that essentially just 1/3 of it is in English and Brad Pitt—the pioneer of the main Basterds—is one of a few lead characters in a genuine outfit, it is an exciting, special passage to the class all the same. Similarly as with huge numbers of Tarantino’s motion pictures, this film is an energetic tribute to the silver screen itself, however, Christoph Waltz’s breakout execution is out and out heavenly, with Pitt plainly having a great time as the remarkable Aldo Raine.

Battle Royale

In this better forerunner than the Hunger Games, a classroom of acting up Japanese understudies arrive on an island where the last one living gets the opportunity to clear out. Fitted with executioner electronic collars, the understudies dive into the demise woods with just a rucksack brimming with apportions, a compass and weapons haphazardly going from a firearm to a paper fan. This remote blockbuster got restricted from a few nations for its inventive pre-adult butchery, however, in the event that you can stomach that, the film contains astonishing profundity—including a profoundly reasonable sentiment, nuanced delineations of edginess and a cruel, yet forlorn instructor as the scalawag. The streamlined plot, tight exchange and regularly unfurling franticness makes this a definitive motion picture about youngsters slaughtering each other at the order of corrupted grown-ups.

Men In Black

It’s the science fiction activity parody that ticks all the crates. The great blending of the superstar amateur and the grizzled, simple veteran. Easygoing, ludicrous tech and weaponry. A post-credits rap from Will Smith. The Barry Sonnenfeld-coordinated flick hit some unavoidable losses with its continuations, however, the first is still massively engaging on account of the science between the post-Fresh Prince Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The combined play mystery government operators entrusted with watching the underground outsider nearness on Earth, and this time includes a monster cockroach who could cause the apocalypse. It’s as fun as it is entertaining.

Captain America: Civil War

It was an intense activity for Anthony and Joe Russo to catch up Winter Soldier — a standout amongst other passages in the MCU — yet they set forward a commendable section with the following Captain America film. At the point when administrative oversight lingers over the Avengers, lines are drawn and sides are taken, driven by Cap and Tony Stark. With a profound seat of source material and character bends to substance out (an issue that has just extended with Infinity War), Civil War tells an energizing hero story that still figures out how to blend in that undercover work component that is basic to Captain America’s prosperity. Who might have figured you could do as such much with a superhero whose primary power comes from a shield?

13 Assassins

Dubious chief Takashi Miike’s change of a 1963 film begins as an ease back consume and works to one of the longest, most expand sword fights you’ll ever observe, finish with weaponized consuming bulls. At the point when the maniacal relative of the Shogun edges nearer and nearer to expecting excessively control in 1840s Japan, a gathering of samurai unite as one to kill him, evading their respect for the benefit of the general population. In spite of being somewhat in view of genuine occasions, 13 Assassins holds Miike’s trademark uncompromising and marginally adapted fierceness, yet this is unquestionably more available than some of his outstanding works like Ichi The Killer. Like the ceasing to exist, warriors of the time, they don’t make samurai films like this any longer.


Oh Dae-su, a man detained for a long time, scans for answers in this Korean director Park Chan-wook’s adaptation of the Japanese manga. Part film noir, part exact retribution story, Oldboy tells a crude story of a shrewd yet confounded regular person, and the activity groupings mirror that. There aren’t any exceedingly arranged hand to hand fighting, no sword-swinging scene. Only a great deal of severity. The sucker punch of a completion will wait with you, almost as much as the strained lobby battle that is synonymous with Oldboy.

Tropic Thunder

The film takes on self-important Hollywood by chronicling the production of a big-budget Vietnam War film that marks key career turns for its stars. Ben Stiller is a huge action star trying to recover from a misstep into drama territory; Jack Black is an Adam Sandler/Eddie Murphy-esque comedy actor with a severe drug addition, and Robert Downey Jr. is a lauded Australian performer known for going intensely method. Chaos ensues when the actors find themselves in real danger, which they think is simply their director making things as “real” as possible. The comedy is swelled, but the scope of this movie is genuinely big as Stiller doesn’t skimp on the “action” part of the action-comedy genre.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Kill Bill Vol. 1 tells of an ex-mercenary woman named The Bridge (Uma Thurman) who will be killed when married by his former boss because her boss did not want The Bridge to stop. As a result of the attack The Bridge coma for 4 years, she vowed to take revenge on all those who have destroyed her marriage and killed all the people she loves. As per the title of Kill Bill, The Bridge of the great and tough assassin was only remembering and eyeing to kill Bill.

The Bourne Ultimatum

This is the American action thriller that released in 2007. Telling Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) who decided to leave the world of espionage. But because of his decision, Bourne actually pursued the victims until finally lost his memory. He had to find his identity when the search period of Bourne found an operation called Blackbriar. Bourne believes that through this Blackbriar he will discover his identity and his past. It was a long process to find his identity, while he had to escape from the CIA-commissioned assassin.


Action Movie that released in 2009 that tells about the condition of America in 1985 where at that time superhero costume is everyday clothes of society. At that time America was beset by the great fear of the threat of nuclear war from the Soviet. People’s expectations of a group of superheroes named Watchman are also unreliable because they have long retired. Problems arise when one of the Watchman members is mysteriously killed. Rorschach (Haley) investigates it and reminds other members to be vigilant. However, this is not taken seriously. In the course of the problem is even more complicated, Rorschach himself even arrested on charges of murder.


The action movie tells the story of agent Bond 007 (Daniel Craig) who becomes an ally of M (Judi Dench) when MI6 is attacked. At that time M plans to relocate the organization. Mallory, head of intelligence and security doubts M’s competence and plans to seize her position. The only one who can restore M’s reputation is only 007’s agent. Operating in secret and only guided by agent Eve, Bond shows his compatibility with M and forgets his past secrets.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Catching Fire is presented to be the continuation of the Hunger Game story in the first sequel. Katniss and Peeta the pair of 74th Hunger Game winners from the 12th district have to tour 11 other districts as a celebration of victory. They must convince the public that they are a couple who really fall in love. Meanwhile, President Snow has been worried about Katniss since she often won the game, he said Katniss could cause a big rebellion. Finally, he decided to get Katniss and Peeta to follow Hunger Game to the 75 “Quartel Quell”. This is not an easy thing for Katniss and Peeta because they have to fight with other districts to be the winner.

Mad Max: Fury Road

This movie tells of a mess in the desert. All human beings have to fight to stay alive. Max (Tom Hardy) is an adventurous guy whose figure is not very talkative. The chaos has taken the lives of the child and his wife. Meanwhile, a woman named Furiosa is struggling to get out of the Desert and return to her hometown. The city where she was born and raised.

The Man from Nowhere

The film is played by Won Bin is about Tae Sik (Won Bin) who is an owner of a junk store. He has a neighbor of a nightclub dancer who has a daughter named So-Mi. While at the club, after dancing, So Mi’s mother stole the Mafia heroin over her boyfriend’s messengers. Ms. So Mi sells a camera on Tae Sik that turns her heroin inside her bag. When the mafia knows the who stole heroin is So Mi’s mother. The Mafia kidnaps So Mi’s mother and asks Tae Sik to return the heroin. Tae Sik also gave heroin but the mafia even brought So-Mi and her mother. For the sake of freeing So Mi, Tae Sik willingly fights all-out against the mafia.


Logan, the best action superhero movie in 2017, takes the background of storytelling in 2029 when the mutant has been on the brink of extinction following the release of the virus by Transigen. Some mutants survive; Logan (Hugh Jackman), Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), and Caliban (Stephen Merchant), his condition was quite apprehensive.

Logan who now earns as a limo driver has aged with regeneration ability no longer functions properly and adamantium embedded in his body slowly but surely began to poison him until then the arrival of an 11-year-old girl Laura (Dafne Keen), changed everything. It is said that Laura who inherited Logan DNA was being hunted by Transigen. In order to save Laura’s life, Logan and Charles took a long road trip to Eden, an asylum for mutants.

The Matrix

One of the best sci-fi action movies ever. The Matrix tells of Thomas Anderson where in the world of hackers is known as Neo, then met with Morpheus and Trinity. This is the beginning, where Neo manages to get out of the Matrix into the real world and learns that the life he knew before was just a program that was planted in his brain. Morpheus believes that Neo is the chosen person (based on Oracle’s prophecy) that can bring peace to the mankind. Neo who does not know and wants to seek the truth plans to go to the Matrix to meet Oracle, without realizing that his departure is dangerous.


One of the best colossal action movies up to now. Gladiator tells the story of Maximus, a Roman General. Due to the success and courage of Maximus and the cowardly son of Caesar, Caesar (Roman Emperor) plans to make Maximus his successor in death. Although Maximus was not a power-hungry and did not want the throne, it triggered a dispute with Commondus (Caesar’s Son). Especially, after Commondus murdered his own father and planned to kill Maximus and slaughter his wife and son. Maximus who survived plans to take revenge, though he was forced to become a slave and sold to become a Gladiator.

Ip Man

Ip Man is the best action film released in 2008. Telling about a man named Ip Man who is good at Wing Chun martial arts. People are calling it Master Ip because he’s the greatest martial artist. In October 1937, Fho San Province residence Ip Man was occupied by the Japanese army led by General Miura. Destruction, poverty, hunger, looting occur everywhere. House of Ip Man also made headquarters of the Japanese army. At that time Miura general held a match at Fho San and the winner was awarded a bag of rice. Ip Man fights and defeats 10 Japanese fighters. This makes Miura’s general amazed and asks Ip Man to train the Japanese army. Ip Man clearly refused, and this triggered the general’s anger. General Miura also challenged Ip Man to fight with him in front of the people of Fho San.