Top 20 Best and Funniest South Park Episodes of All Time (Up to 2017)

KMazing – South Park is undoubtedly is one of the best TV series, with their satirical joke, conspiracy and provocation theory, hitting on specific trend and also parody. South Park has stand over time over and over again beating up every single concept without getting lame and still going strong after more that 20 years airing.

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The aspect of story keep on getting “on-point” though there are several fans that have sound their dissatisfaction on the new season, South Park still getting better every year, called it idea-wise or plot-wise. Some people might find this series a bit offensive but that’s the charm of this series. So, without further ado, here are our 20 top pick of South Park’s.


20. Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride – Season 1

This is the first episode of South Park that create huge attention, and start the trend of offence in the series. Stan’s dog turned out to be gay and the trouble is starting from there toward up to the message of defamation message against gay and lesbian alliance award. Big Gay Al in the episode talk to Stan and make him realize that homosexuality is nothing to be afraid of. George Clooney is also here in the episode. What a way to start as a legendary series (though it’s only their fourth episode).

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Woodland Critter Christmas – Season 8

To be honest, this episode is super strange for me, as a fan of South Park I still see this episode as one of the most f*cked-up one but on the other hand, it’s quite notable one. One day, Stan find himself in the middle of a lot of woodland animals, which seem innocence and cute at first but turned out to be super crazy shit creatures. I can’t explain it all here, as it might spoil you guys, but go ahead and watch this sleaky epic awful whatever it is episode.

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Good Times with Weapons – Season 8

This episode enter our list due to it’s approach which is quite super unique, the point of this episode is in the anime-style rendering of the song and also the involvement of Butter with it’s shuriken eyes which is hilarious. Let’s Fighting Love is the center of this episode and it’s killing !

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Canceled – Season 7

One thing that got me in this episode is the shape of the alien that took the outline of taco which crack me everytime. There are also the jumping off episode from the pilot episode which distract the story line toward a bit weird kinda throwback style of performing a series that are simple yet super creative. The revelation of the plot is divulge almost at the end of the episode which once again proved the class of South Park.

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Casa Bonita – Season 7

The combi of Cartman and Butter always give me this weird vibe, but at the end the Cartman/Butter episode is always one of the best for me *I still don’t know why*. Casa Bonita told the story of Cartman’s plan to trick Butter into thinking that he is the only survivor of meteoric inferno, the plan was so elaborate and detailed that it turn out to be the best episode of this combi together.

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Go God Go XII – Season 10

The Second part of Go God Go, telling the story of Cartman’s adventure trying to find NIntendo WII. The reason the second series of this part is here is because, I think that this episode cover more broad concept and message that just another cliche journey, the view on war and politics is super thick in this episode, yet they crafted it with perfect punching joke that shows the depth of the writing process itself.

The Losing Edge – Season 9

This episode got my attention due to the way the way it was written which adopted super classic satire that are smooth and excessively fun. So, it told the story of The South Par Cows – the baseball team – that are on their winning streak, but strangely, they don’t want to win the Little League Baseball game anymore, because it’s no fun anymore for them. Everything change when Randy came, and…

Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub – Season 3

I love Meteor Shower Trilogy and this episode is the second one *correct me if I am wrong*, It’s basically just following that are confounded with three melvins. This episode is also the first time the series putting up and promote Butters as one of the prominent characters. The Bath-tub sequence of scene is the funniest one for me, it is full of awkwardness and of course super hilarious.

Grounded Vindaloop – season 18

This masterpiece of episode should be at the top if only they could complimented the story writing with more eloquent way to top up the climax of the episode. Others might called this episode as one of the most mindf*ck one but I stand on the other side, I think this episode is just another episode where Cartman is playing on his joke on Butters, the concept of VR and dragged reality between real world and virtual world is just another simple glimpse of the creativity of the creator, the packaging of the episode is good but the ending is dissapointing.

Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow – Season 9

Another superb parody by South Park, this episode not just combine The Day after Tomorrow but also another disaster type of movie. It’s all started with Stan and Cartman that make the town being flooded, this flood then trigger all people in the town of Beaverton to panic and overreact with the reality of situation which in their opinion is due to global warming. What I found the most important is the message that emit from the episode about respond from Government in handling aid deliverance during disaster which perfectly described in this episode.

Towelie – Season 5

This is the most loved classic story with classic characters. Towelie take in all the boys to the scheme or rather where government and towel is planning on something huge. To be honest, I kinda baffled with the emerge of this kind of character, that are a plain towel but with a lot of negative attitude and habit. The towel that are walking and talking for me is super random and with that character it became more and more non-acceptable at first, but the slow paced story line revealed the impact of towelie for this very episode. I still kinda hate him tho.

Imaginationland Episode III – Season 11

It’s epic crazy marvelous creative and every other objective out there, this episode involved every character that are out there. It’s super cluster f*ck of and episode but the ending is a very good one. The epicness of battle at the end sum up how this episode run up, which is huge work for the animator. The title told us all this episode is all about imagination and it’s all out there, presented and crafted perfectly by South Park. For me this episode is the most memorable one, super complex but insanely funny.

Make Love, Not Warcraft – Season 10

It’s usual for South Park to hit and mock every trend but this one especially funny. World of Warcraft is loosely translated in the way the south park character plays and since they use real character name and terminology, you can’t help but laugh at this one, especially if you are fans of the game. Randy also stole the spotlight in this one with his character which took the resemblance of one of the character in Warcraft while on the other hand Cartman is having problem with his stomach. Superb episode with a lot of moment that are the mixture of the real footage and the characters.

Trapped in the Closet – Season 9

According to the telegraph this episode is the most controversial one. South Park finally take Scientology as the based of the joke for this episode, and it is hilarious. There are Tom Cruise here, twist about Stan real identity and lot and lots of satire yet aggressive joke about Scientology. The episode took on the subtle way of ignoring the hate that Scientology got from the public and unleash in one single straight super plot that are exhilarating on one side and truthful on the other.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Rings to the Two Towers – Season 6

At first, this episode start quite straight, Stan’s parent ask the boys to deliver the rented video of the movie and that’s it. Of course not, all hell break loose when the change the content of the video with some slur video. It was super epic all along the episode as the boys follow the travel and try to finish their quest almost exactly like the movie based on Tolkien’s book. Even with the style that are escalated and depicted the story of Lord of The Rings themed, it’s still on a foot with satirical way of joke that make this series super famous.

You’re Getting Old – Season 15

A lot of people doesn’t realize that this episode is one of a kind in the long history of the series. Jokes, a lot of jokes rather aggressive joke and satirical yet funny plot storyline is the heart of South Park but this episode offer something different. This sudden turn in the story was suspected to become the end of the series by many avid viewer of South Park. Stan suddenly got emotional and felt like everything in his life is none-sense. The impact of this episode for me is somewhat healing in a way, maybe because of the philosophical stature inside the episode which suddenly got serious and extensional.

Kenny Dies – Season 5

I don’t know if it’s just me or you guys, but I love the humane side of these characters. They are involved in a lot of satirical joke which covered a lot of jeering, conspiracy and taking on specific trend or so that sometimes we just want a break from all that *including parodies* and look back toward emotional side of the characters itself. This episode is only a few episode where South Park take on affection or rather melancholy as their themed. Well it’s not the matter of Kenny dies only, since he keeps on dying in several episode but the super rare occasion where you can see the characters shows their grief.

AWESOM-O – Season 8

This is the epitome of the connection between Butters and Cartman. The unusual relationship between the two have produced several great episode throughout the long history of South Park and this episode is the most awesome one. So, Cartman disguised as a Robot and became a good friend with Butters who have no idea about the prank and believed that A.W.E.S.O.M.E-O is his new best friend. As the plot unveiled and the “task” is getting weird and weirder, Butters finally bit by bit start to realized and for this episode he successfully comes up on top of Cartman.

Scott Tenorman Must Die – Season 5

The only reason this episode is not on top of our list is because I love the interaction in the first rank episode. For almost all the fans of South Park around the globe, this episode is one of the best and most memorial one. It’s not only served as the turning point of the character such as Cartman or Stan but also elevated the level of intensity throughout the series and uplift the level of satirical joke and impact of the characters on the story. It tells the story of Cartman who keeps on getting bullied by this kid, Scott Tenorman until the poin where he can’t take it anymore and plan on getting back on the bullied and that’s what he did. Another point to see is the devilish plan that are super epic and Radiohead that are making their appearance here.

Cat Orgy – Season 3

As I said before, I love this episode is because I love how the character especially cartman is changing and adopt to the situation. At first, he was super reluctant with his condition and Shelley until Skylar came and forcefully create harmonized connection between cartman and stan’s sister in order to beat him. This is also the first part Meteor Shower Trilogy which is super great and as always disturbingly funny.