Top 20 Best Friends Episodes of All Time

KMazing – Friends was a sensation in the ’90s, but it’s still resonating with audiences across the world. And not just because it’s now available on Netflix! It’s a show that stands the test of time, as at the core, it accurately represents a significant time in many people’s lives: when they graduate from college and try to make it out in the world on their own. More importantly, it represents the time when close friends become family.

For 10 seasons, viewers laugh, cry, and relate with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Monica (Courtney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry), and Joey (Matt LeBlanc), as they experience the ups and down of their relationships, jobs, and making it on their own in Manhattan.

Although the premise seems simplistic, the writing is clever, seamlessly intertwining several storylines in each episode. Additionally, the dialogue is sharp and oftentimes catchy, with lines like “How you doin’?” becoming commonplace in Western English slang. The writing, coupled with the explosive chemistry between the cast, is why Friends still remains iconic in American pop culture. So without further ado, here are the best 20 episodes of Friends.

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20. The One With the Dollhouse – Season 3

Monica acquires a dollhouse from her dead close relative, yet doesn’t play well with others, making Phoebe manufacture her own particular dream dollhouse. Chandler goes on a frightful date with Rachel’s supervisor, however can’t force himself to dump her.

Monica’s face amid Phoebe’s dinosaur assault on the dollhouse; Phoebe shouting “the cultivate manikins” when Ross uncovers who influenced it to out of her consumed dollhouse; Joanna’s (Alison La Placa) wild abhor for Sophie (Laura Dean); and Chandler’s failure to end a date without saying, “We ought to do it again at some point.”

The One Where Ross Finds Out – Season 2

Indeed, this was the one that highlighted the huge Central Perk twilight kiss toward the end, where Rachel and Ross at last lip-bolted after two periods of “He adores her however she’s with Paolo/She cherishes him yet he’s with Julie.” And America’s aggregate heart swooned. This wouldn’t make them an official couple (see passage #4), yet it was as yet an enormous minute. Rachel had officially gotten some answers concerning Ross’ sentiments and now the ball was in his court – by means of intoxicated Rachel’s telephone message.

The One With Joey’s New Brain – Season 7

Barely any things in Friends history are more interesting than watching Ross play bagpipes (or the on-screen characters endeavoring to keep straight faces amid the scene) — however Sarandon’s supernaturally self-included execution and Monica’s fixation on getting slapped in the face by Cecilia come relentlessly close to being hysterically funny.

The One Where Ross Got High – Season 6

While a few sitcoms battle to convey convincing An and B-plots, Friends was regularly ready to effectively execute about six simultaneous storylines and this scene is a prime case of the essayists’ capacity to keep the majority of the plots noticeable all around without a moment’s delay. Here, Monica is keeping her association with Chandler a mystery from her folks since they loathe him, and surprisingly their resentment is decades-old as Ross pointed the finger at Chandler for the pot smell in his room amid sophomore year spring break. In the interim, as Rachel is making sweet, she unintentionally makes a large portion of an English fool and a large portion of a shepherd’s pie, which Joey and Ross persuade everybody to have so supper will end and they can clear out. Furthermore, Phoebe is harboring sexual emotions toward Jack following a shrewd dream. These strings finish in a comical tsunami of disclosures that, to cite Judy, is “a considerable measure of data to get in 30 seconds.”

The One With All the Resolutions – Season 5

Ross’ “new thing consistently” determination prompts a wager where Chandler is illegal from ridiculing individuals for a whole week. Which is supreme torment for Mr. Bing. Be that as it may, in spite of the greater part of Chandler’s humorous disappointment – this scene has a place with PASTE PANTS! Since Joey is putting fires out everywhere.

The One Where Ross is Fine – Season 10

Throughout the years on Friends, Ross changed from the “decent person” underdog who was enamored with his sister’s closest companion to a chaotic situation of mental issues and setbacks. Be that as it may, it was just for the more noteworthy comedic great. Furthermore, a standout amongst other features of Ross’ contorted unusual quality was the point at which he needed to face the way that Rachel and Joey were dating. Then, in other clumsy news, Chandler incidentally told a kid that he couldn’t be more adopted.

The One with Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner – Season 9

Each character gets awesome snapshots of diversion in their different storylines (especially Ross, who ridicules Rachel with a hypothetical story about the loft loading with water as Emma battles a winged animal ablaze). Be that as it may, the genuine star is, legitimately, Phoebe, whose disappointments with her late companions bubble over in a stunning minute when she shouts over the room at Ross’ mother, who is keeping an eye on, to get the youngster’s fallen sock.

The One With Unagi – Season 6

Since Ross’ silly arrangement long fixation on “kara-tay” (his pretentious elocution) essentially gets a remain solitary scene as he squares off with Rachel and Phoebe in a progression of alarms intended to test their Unagi (maybe a condition of aggregate mindfulness, unquestionably a sort of sushi). Since Joey’s absurd arrangement long fixation on twins begins here as he tries — and comes up short — to persuade the logical world that Carl (Louis Mandylor) is his indistinguishable twin. Since Chandler’s strange past fixation on Janice (Maggie Wheeler) raises its appalling head yet again as he gives Monica a sentimental mixtape that was really made for him by Janice, unconscious it incorporates nasally mid-melody contributions that will inevitably explode his spot.

The One With All the Thanksgivings – Season 5

After an especially filling supper, everybody lounges around thinking back about their most noticeably awful Thanksgivings. Since we’re given more repulsive flashback hair (for the most part because of Chandler), a strange aside about Phoebe’s past life as a French combat zone medical caretaker, and two individuals wear turkeys on their heads.

A ’80s flashback scene blended with a Thanksgiving scene blended with Joey stalling out on his head! The posse chooses to describe their most exceedingly terrible Thanksgivings – enabling us to see Chandler in both Flock of Seagulls rigging and Miami Vice attire while viewing Monica coincidentally cut off his toe.

The One With the Blackout – Season 1

While the posse in the flat conveys awesome comedic minutes — Joey’s menorah, the feline assaulting Ross, Mr. Irritates (Larry Hankin) attempting to take the feline, which he calls Bob Buttons — this scene is a feature for Chandler as he stifles (actually and allegorically) while endeavoring to play it cool around the Victoria’s Secret model.

The One After the Superbowl – Season 2

Phoebe turns into a hit with kids by singing honest tunes about death; Phoebe transforms Monica and Rachel into her “bitches” as they quarrel over dating Van Damme; Ross goes on a day date with Marcel; and Chandler gets played by Susie Moss (Roberts), his fourth grade schoolmate hellbent on getting revenge for a youth embarrassment.

The One in Massapequa – Season 8

Everybody goes to Jack and Judy Geller’s commemoration party, where Monica tries to influence her folks to cry with a touching discourse and Phoebe brings her vivacious new beau, Parker (Alec Baldwin), whose eagerness forever bothers her companions.

Since Alec Baldwin is a damn savor the experience of this part. To Parker, everything is great and Baldwin conveys each line with the unbridled worship of somebody who simply finished a first class eight ball.

The One With the Prom Video – Season 2

This particular episode is flooding with giggles, as Chandler unintentionally taunts the wrist trinket before Joey (“I feel sorry for the trick!”) and after that needs to supplant it to conceal any hint of failure confront, however the portion depends on the main VHS tape that accounts Monica and Rachel’s extremely ’80s prom night. As the group ogles at the huge noses, greater hair, and crude dresses, we’re acquainted with Fat Monica and some executioner jokes are dropped before hearts soften at the scene finishing disclosure.

The One with The Football – Season 3

There are numerous great Thanksgiving scenes of Friends, yet the football scene takes the turkey. In the wake of viewing the Giants diversion, the group chooses it would be amusing to play the game with them six. However, sibling and-sister team Monica and Ross tell the others that they are not permitted to play football since Monica “incidentally” broke Ross’ nose when they were kids in the 6th yearly “Geller Ball” competition.

The Last One – Season 10

Rachel and Ross back together (again once more), Monica and Chandler moving out of the city – the Friends two-section arrangement finale sent the show out in style. Chuckles, tears, Ross’ lost summer as a yearning artist, a very much apprciated lease control joke – it was really moving when everybody needed to hand over their keys.

The One Where Everybody Finds Out – Season 5

After Phoebe finds what Rachel and Joey have known for a considerable length of time — that Monica and Chandler are in fact dating — the young ladies begin upsetting the couple, which pieces of information in Monica and Chandler, so they counter. This forward and backward comes full circle in an epic round of chicken.

From Ross’ astonishing flat spazz-assault to the presentation of Hugsey, Joey’s sleep time penguin buddy, there’s a great deal to love in this scene. However, it genuinely has a place with the delayed sexual confrontation amongst Phoebe and Chandler — it begins with bicep crushing and closures with a delightful announcement of adoration.

The One With Two Parts: Part 2 – Season 2

The twofold date is a standout amongst the most diverting bits of satire the show has ever done. As the young ladies’ disappointments with each other assume control, Monica (as Rachel) and Rachel (as Monica) start to speak crap around each other to the specialists, who couldn’t be more befuddled by what they’ve strolled in to.

The One With Ross’ Sandwich – Season 5

You may have seen that his rundown has a considerable measure of Ross Gellar crack outs. There’s no denying. In any case, nothing tops Ross’ uproarious regret of his lost ‘soggy creator’ sandwich. A sandwich so pined for (it was in reality the main good thing going ahead in his life) that everybody immediately needed to eat one of their own one of a kind.

Be that as it may, rageaholic Ross aside, the best – THE BEST – part of this one was the way Joey needed to continue covering for Monica and Chandler’s undertaking. He was the special case who thought about them now and in this manner continued taking the fault for their unintended sex intimations. Since he’s Joey.

The One Where No One is Ready – Season 3

This jug scene (all the move makes put in a solitary room) is so enlivened, even a drained figure of speech — Rachel can’t choose what to wear — feels new here. There are magnificent asides (Why does Donald Duck wrap a towel around his abdomen in the wake of escaping the shower on the off chance that he doesn’t wear pants?), incredible throughlines (drink the fat), and an arrangement characterizing battle amongst Chandler and Joey over responsibility for flat’s comfiest seat.

The One With the Embryos – Season 4

Here’s the test. The best scene in all of Friends story. Misleadingly covered up inside a scene called “The One With All the Embryos,” the young men versus young ladies “who knows who best” test, for responsibility for loft, was great. Basically, when you think about this show you think about this scene. What’s more, of the flawless Miss Chanandler Bong.

While Phoebe is at the richness center endeavoring to be falsely inseminated, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Rachel are squaring off in a Ross-made question and answer contest to see which group know about the other more — and the young ladies’ loft is in question.

The data uncovered all through the diversion (Miss Chanandler Bong, sandwiches, huge goalie) is entertaining, yet what makes this scene such a champion is the way splendidly LeBlanc, Perry, Aniston, and Cox convey an energized shout.