Top 20 Best The Office Episodes of All Time (Funniest and Most Emotional)

best the office episodes

20Top 20 Best The Office Episodes of All Time (Funniest and Most Emotional)

KMazing – The office started of with high level of criticism as it was the remake version of the UK version. The joke was all imported, the scene was dubious and there are almost no core in the show. Things turn out better with the second season and the public start to acknowledge the performance and several episode started to serve as the corner stone of the show.

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The outline of the show started out simple and straight but then took turn and created more and more interesting twist throughout the show. The character development also becoming better as the show grows in number of audience. The epic joke and prank in the show is super fresh and gradually became the trend which also serves as the hook for the audience.

There are plenty episodes which are great and hilarious due to the long standing time of the shows airing, and it is almost impossible not to laugh while watching this TV show. So bear in mind that we didn’t only pick the episode that are funny, but we also consider the stature of the episode and the emotional side of the character and the show.


20. Beach Games – Season 3 Episode 23

Okay, starting off our list is this epic episode. The episode start out flat if we consider the level of intensity and how jokey other episode of the Office is, still not that lame to be honest. But things turn super crazy when the Dundar gang found out the prize behind the competition that Michael first initiated. What’s the prize ? You gotta find it yourself. Still at the end the twist is always unpredictable and super absurd.

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