KMazing – The office started of with high level of criticism as it was the remake version of the UK version. The joke was all imported, the scene was dubious and there are almost no core in the show. Things turn out better with the second season and the public start to acknowledge the performance and several episode started to serve as the corner stone of the show.

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The outline of the show started out simple and straight but then took turn and created more and more interesting twist throughout the show. The character development also becoming better as the show grows in number of audience. The epic joke and prank in the show is super fresh and gradually became the trend which also serves as the hook for the audience.

There are plenty episodes which are great and hilarious due to the long standing time of the shows airing, and it is almost impossible not to laugh while watching this TV show. So bear in mind that we didn’t only pick the episode that are funny, but we also consider the stature of the episode and the emotional side of the character and the show.


Beach Games – Season 3 Episode 23

Okay, starting off our list is this epic episode. The episode start out flat if we consider the level of intensity and how jokey other episode of the Office is, still not that lame to be honest. But things turn super crazy when the Dundar gang found out the prize behind the competition that Michael first initiated. What’s the prize ? You gotta find it yourself. Still at the end the twist is always unpredictable and super absurd.

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Diwali – Season 3 Episode 6 

The character of Michael celebrating Diwali is one hell of a funny things to watch, but the whole episode itself full of gems and whimsical situation. The take on story outside of the usual theme of working space create more cohesion and diverse impact on characters throughout the whole episode. Cap it off with how Michael react when he thought it was Halloween, and cringe moment where try to kiss Pam, this episode is deservedly get on this list.

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The Return – Season 3 Episode 14

What I personally love the most in this episode is the prank call on Andy, I still can’t hold myself every time I re-watch this episode, such an amusing situation. So this episode basically telling the story of Michael how is attempting to ask Dwight to return to the working space as usual, this part of the story work as a main plot is not quite funny if we compare to the prank that end up in the super ultimate rage.

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Threat Level Midnight – Season 7 Episode 17

This episode serve as the warning for the departure of Michael from the series. It’s kinda boring for the audience who jumped off to watch the series from newer episode, but rather memorable for those who follows the series from the start. This episode is quite revolutionary for me, because the cue on the whole episode is based on the trip of the memory lane stretch until the second season and of course the parody concept was on style for this episode. It was rather memorable and fresh if you ask me, and the breakout from the usual concept is great for refresh I guess.

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Garage Sale – Season 7 Episode 19

It’s rare to see this kind of episode of whole lovey dovey theme throughout the episode. The proposal from Michael to Holly *plus Yoda* is one hell of a moment that bring us back to the point where was first introduced. As fan of the show, I am quite happy with the fact that Michael finally ends up with the woman that super fit with his character and finally find his soulmate. The romance that was build up for some time is great reason why this episode deserve to be on the list. Things couldn’t be better I thought, but damn I was wrong, there is this superficial twist that are so hurtful I wish this episode never come.

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The Deposition – Season 4 – Episode 8

Michael was ready to help his GF in the deposition against Duffer Mifflin, but things get crazy loose with he realized that she was the one behind the postponement of the promotion on his job. As things goes awkward for him, Michael finally did his very best in standing between two side to create even more awkward situation and ludicrous at the same time.

Business School – Season 3 Episode 16

This episode is one hell break loose episode where it wasn’t really start as smooth and elevate toward the climax, but the episode start with huge impact from the first time where from nowhere, Michael start to talk about wisdom and all of that. The trip that Michael did to Ryan’s business school went all wrong for him, rather than received well he got some backslash from the students. The way this episode stretch the creativity is what I particularly love about the series. It’s chaotic but in a smooth and nice way.

Cafe Disco – Season 5 Episode 27

Another super hilarious episode from this epic series, so Michael was planning to help his co-workers to unwind a bit from the boring world of working space, but things didn’t go as plan as the others seems reluctant to join him. Later on, when Michael feel betrayed, the co-workers came an enjoy the time by themselves despite the warning from Michael. It’s another typical the Office moments with simple yet super impactful twist and happy ending (for some).

Diversity Day  – Season 1 Episode 2

This episode is the start of epic-ness of the series. As the character unfold their attributes toward the show, this episode serve as the cornerstone for development of characters and shows’ limit-expand-er in creative writing. This episode also shows that this series can stand by itself without taking on the name of it’s UK’s counterpart which at first was heavily criticized by the public. So basically, this episode main plot is to fix one problem by creating a larger problem and became super racist with anyone. This episode is one of the reason this show was well received by the public.

Booze Cruise – Season 2 Episode 11

I thought this episode is going to be another “just” funny episode where Michael did something for his staff and things went weird as usual. But I was wrong, this is rather well-calculated episode with perfect ingredients for great episode. It was all started with Michael getting detained by Captain Jack but it was all just a leadership test. This episode is kinda perfect I say, because of the moment between Jim and Michael where Jim told him that he loves Pam. Touching moment..

The Injury – Season 2 Episode 12

The start of this episode is super crazy and epic, the shows take off with Michael with his foot problem, and Dwight with his personality trouble. Because no one seems to care with his problem, Michael is getting upset and hold seminar about disability. The funniest thing on this episode is the fact that Dwight’s change in his approach towards his co-worker. It’s a refreshing and creative episode plus well-written plot.

Niagara – Season 6 Episode 4 & 5

This is another great episode with the balance of joke and romance, it was all cluster crowd, but the plot step by step turn romantic and as the sole highlight in this two huge episode is the relationship between Pam and Jim which have been the sole heart of the series. The wedding was supposed to be usual wedding until Michael took over and scrambled it all up. It does end beautifully tho.

Halloween – Season 2 Episode 5

This episode is funny beyond all level, as always the Office is always the best in providing the best moment for their Halloween episode, but this episode stands out more than the other. The range of quality in writing the impactful joke is out of this world, plus the twist when Michael have to fire one of the staff, ughh super great. The two side of Michael is also provide huge impact for the episode. Great episode, great writing.

Fun Run – Season 4 Episode 1

Michael hit Meredith, then ask his staff to do 5 K to get rid of bad vibe in the office, Pam and Jim for the first time shows the lovey dovey connection, and much more things thats happening in this episode that I can’t tell you. This episode with all it’s dynamic plot deserve more recognition that it get. The episode was super slicky in writing plot and the revelation of the ending is also great.

Gay Witch Hunt – Season 3 Episode 1

After expanding the spectrum of the show with the first two season, the third season serve dmore like the show-off stature of the show which is quite incredible. With well balance writing, superb twist and high tense of joke and prank plus the theme of the episode which took the path of homosexuality ? The start of the season can’t get any better than this. Michael who know’s nothing about the sexuality of Oscar try to makes up his mistakes by trying to (spoiler alert) him. This episode also introduces several character which is super important later on.

The Job – Season 3 Episode 23

For some people including me, this episode is still the funniest episode ever. Michael Jim and Kared all headed out to New York for the interview for their new job. The reason behind Michael is going back with his ex Jan is also quite hilarious which you could find on the show. At the end, this episode also touch the emotional side of humans as Jim looks hesitant with his relationship with Karen and finally choose Pam. It’s kinda chaotic at first but this episode is also the most pleasant ending of the series.

Goodbye Michael – Season 7 Episode 22

It’s finally came, the ending episode for Scott Carell character in the series. I should say the final episode of Michael is superbly done, every single scene of this episode is well crafted and with precise calculated moment. Michael never tell anyone blatanly about him leaving and spend the day like his normal day while finally saying goodbye to all of his co-workers in a sweet and cool manner without them realizing the fact that he is leaving. Jim was the only one who catch this act and have a tearful moment with Michael for one last time.

The Dundies – Season 2 Episode 1

It’s hard to start a fresh season without realizing that the whole first season was a full disappointment and lot of criticism, but the second season premiere shows the power and ability of this series to stand on while giving it best in giving entertainment through well written joke and performance. The Dundies which came from the annual office award show created by Michael, while the show is usually end it’s prominence with simple ending, this episode shows a lot more compassion between the staff as they support each other and at least start to become family.

Safety Training – Season 3 Episode 20

One of the best episode of all time, and the revelation of Michael darkest side is stunningly hilarious in this episode. The start of the episode started with Michael that wanted to show how depression in the office is dangerous by showing the place where the usual depress people went *the rooftop*, all things goes wrong there, Michael hits the blunt and realised that he is the one that is on depression and reluctant to leave the rooftop. The jump into trampoline scene is also one to save and super hilarious.

Casino Night – Season 2 Episode 22

One hell of a way to end the season, this episode is the best the most perfect episode of the Office of all time. It started of with humor and funny plot then goes on to romance and a happy ending toward all the character. The perfect well written episode is so good and super satisfying, it’s almost always on the very top of every list regarding the best episode of the Office. Started off with Michael dispute with Toby about Casino Night and Boy Scouts, then towards the heartbreaking moment when Pam rejecting Jim. Well deserved one.