KMazing – The Korean romantic comedy series are never deserted by the viewers. Why? The reason is clear, because this kind of drama is relatively acceptable to all circles. Romantic story with a touch of comedy will not be boring to watch if the plot worked well toward the favoritism of the audience or the cast really did good job in portraying their characters. Especially if the top and beautiful actors/actress is going to be the main cast. There the complete reason to watch rom-com drama. Well, for the year 2017, the Korean filmmakers are still keen to produce popular romantic comedy dramas. What are the most recommended one? Check this out !

10. Bad Thief Good Thief

The 50-episode drama features Ji Hyun-woo and Seohyun. Bad Thief, Good Thief tells the story of the descendants of Korean activists during the period of Japanese occupation who became an important figure in history. The descendants were unaware of their true identity because it could have an adverse effect on their lives. The main character is Jang Dol-mok, whose identity is hidden by his foster father because he is the key to getting a treasure map. While Kang So-joo is a policewoman who fights against corrupt officials.

9. Suspicious Partner

One of the most attention-grabbing couples this year is Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun from Suspicious Partner, a thriller-filled comedy novel. The story, Noh Ji-wook is a young prosecutor who swerved into a private lawyer at a major law firm. He then meets Eun Bong-hee, the apprentice who works for the prosecutor Cha Yoo-jung, who is none other than Ji-wook’s former lover. This seemingly ordinary story of love becomes gripping when the psychopathic killer figure comes between them.

8. Trace of the Hand

Never heard of this web drama? Trace of the Hand adapat the rom-com genre and broadcasts on Naver TVCAST in 17 episodes, quite long enough for a web drama. Starring Ryu Hwa-young and Shin Jae-ha, this drama tells of a shy young man who lectures on a campus after being released from conscription. He found an app called T-Scope that enabled him to read someone’s secret messages. Can he use this application to get his crush ?

7. Radiant Office

This Rom-com series takes its background in a typical Korean office world. Go Ah-sung, a young actress full of accomplishments, here plays as Eun Ho-won, a girl who is in a very difficult situation to get the job she desires. It was so hard, she became desperate and almost became suicidal. As if not enough, Ho-won finds himself suffering from a deadly disease, though on the other hand she is finally accepted to work in a company. Capitalized on the determination of ‘nothing to lose,’ she took the job and tried to change her view of life.

6. The Liar and His Lover

Another romantic comedy drama that is also booming this year is The Liar and His Lover, featuring a sweet duo Lee Hyun-woo and Joy of Red Velvet. This is a love story between a young genius composer, Kang Han-gyul, who has been heartbroken many times, with a high-school girl with a melodious and gentle voice. Yoon So-rim. Han-gyul initially rejects So-rim’s love for various reasons, but gradually he becomes melted and returns her love. On the other hand, So-rim was grateful that she finally made it into the music industry.

5. My Secret Romance

OCN made a big surprise this year with the release of its inaugural rom-com series, My Secret Romance, starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun. Simple yet sweet, this drama tells about Cha Jin-wook’s and Lee Yoo-mi’s one-night stand at a resort. After the incident, Yoo-mi disappears and makes Jin-wook angry. Three years later, Yoo-mi works as a nutritionist at the Daebok company. He does not realize that Jin-woo, chaebol who became director at the company where she works, is a man who had had a brief affair with her last time.

4. Chicago Typewriter

Chicago Typewriter is a typical tvN fantasy-style romance featuring top stars Yoo Ah-in with Im Soo-jung and Go Kyung-pyo. Ah-in plays Han Se-joo, a talented writer who has many fans but is secretly very depressed. Her story will coincide with Jeon Seol, the veterinarian and literary fan who is also a Se-joo fan, as well as Yoo Jin-oh, a unique personality ghostwriter. The three of them lived in the 1930s during the Japanese occupation. What did the story of the three of them be like?

3. Strongest Deliveryman

Strongest Deliveryman, a KBS2 drama which is broadcast in 32 episodes back-to-back. Presenting Go Kyung-pyo and Chae Soo-bin as the main character, the new drama will premiere in early August, but many people are already waiting for the drama. Broadly speaking, this drama focuses on the figure of Choi Kang-soo, deliveryman who eventually succeeded to become the CEO of the application delivery company. The story of the struggle and the romance will be an exciting main treat for you.

2.  Bride of the Water God

The most interesting first thing about Bride of the Water is the main actor. Imagine, popular names like Nam Joo-hyuk, Shin Se-kyung, Im Ju-hwan, Krystal Jung, and Gong Myung united in a fantasy rom-com drama. Based on a web comic titled the same, this drama tells of a female doctor who was sacrificed for the water god, Ha-baek, and became his slave. Is the story that simple? Of course not, because there will be a lot of surprises going on throughout this 16-episode drama, so you should watch it.

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon became a sensation when it aired. Predictably, the great success of this drama is more or less based on Park Bo-young’s brilliant acting. The presence of Park Hyung-sik and Ji Soo beside him further adds to the series’ attraction of this one. This drama tells of a girl named Do Bong-soon who at simple glimpsed just like an ordinary girl, but she has incredible physical strength. But Do Bong-soon really wants to be an elegant, normal girl like most girls. She then one day met a chaebol of a company and as things unfold she became the “bodyguard” for him, there the romance and the plot grows interesting. Will it end happily ?