KMazing – Yoona or Im Yoon-ah is by no means an unfamiliar figure in the eyes of Asian entertainment lovers. She is known as one of the most beautiful girl in Girl-band Girls’ Generation, model, and actress who is quite talented. Yoona gradually changed her image from an idol and a singer to an actress. Early in her career she was able to bring home the Best Newcomer Actress award. With the maturity of her age, Yoona increasingly steady to improve the acting career she has built since the first time. And here are six popular dramas she has starred so far.

1. You are My Destiny (2008)

You Are My Destiny was not Yoona’s first drama, but the first major drama gave her a lot of positive spotlight, including five acting and popularity awards from three major events: the Korea Drama Awards, the Baeksang Arts Awards, and the KBS Drama Awards.

She is the main character of Jang Sae-byuk, an orphaned milk girl who has a cheerful nature. She dreamed of becoming an interior designer despite her hampered education and lack of financial support. But the fortunate fate she had not expected take her to Kim’s family who slowly accepted her as their daughter.

2. Cinderella Man (2009)

Accompanying actor of Kwon Sang-woo’s caliber, Yoona performed well and even won the Most Popular Actress (TV) award from Baeksang Arts Awards. She plays Seo Yoo-jin, a young and talented young designer. As one of the best graduates of the Paris fashion school, she works with Oh Dae-san, a designer and clothingman in the Dongdaemun market who is obsessed with getting rich. But she and Dae-san do not get along throughout the way.

Coincidentally Yoo-jin meets again with Lee Jae-min, the son of the family of fashion business empire owners she once met in Paris. She is also upset, whether she should choose Jae-min or Dae-san who slowly began to like her.

3. Love Rain (2012)

Three-year absence from the drama screen due to popularity of Girls’ Generation which at that time is at the peak of its popularity, Yoona is coming back to acting and accompany the popular actor, Jang Geun-seuk. They play double roles as lovers in the past, Seo In-ha and Kim Yoon-hee, who also played the role of In-ha and Yoon-hee’s sons and daughters today, Seo Joon and Jung Ha-na.

Love Rain recounts the love ballads of a young couple who split up in the past and live an unhappy new life with their spouses, and then they meet again in the future, while on the other hand their children are also in love.

4. Prime Minister and I (2013)

Yoona’s acting skills were again tested when she was paired with senior actor Lee Beom-soo who plays the role of prime minister and single parent, Kwon Yul. He is the 42-year-old youngest prime minister who is honest and full of integrity, but he is a poor father for his three children.

On the other hand Yoona acts as a young journalist named Nam Da-jung who works in a cheap tabloid to pay for his sickly father’s treatment. She actually dreamed of becoming a novelist, but the dream must be buried in modern and materialistic life that seems to have no need of this kind of artwork. Da-jung targets Kwon Yul as his project on her latest piece of writing, which in turn makes her closer to the prime minister.

5. The K2 (2016)

This is Yoona’s comeback drama after three years of absence. As a side note, before accompanying Ji Chang-wook in this drama, Yoona was featured as a cameo in the drama OnStyle, Because It’s The First Time, in 2015, and for the first time starring in Chinese drama, God of War, Zhao Yun, in 2016.

In the drama of K2 with political action, she acted as Go Anna, the illegitimate daughter of South Korean presidential candidate Jang Se-joon. She was raised in a closed-door manner by her stepmother Choi Yoo-jin, until she suffered from sociophobia that made her became panic when she saw light. Anna’s lonely life begins to change when Yoo-jin assigns a tough bodyguard who is a former mercenary, Kim Je-ha. In addition to being Se-joon’s bodyguard, he is also assigned to look after Anna.

The relationship between Je-ha and Anna becomes closer and they fall in love. Je-ha’s thoughts were split between professional duties, revenge missions, and new-found love. In this drama, her acting was superb.

6. The King in Love (2017)

When Girls’ Generation is not as active as before, Yoona increasingly focus on her acting career. After The K2 got a good reception, she appeared in a sageuk drama, The King in Love, accompanying Im Si-wan and Hong Jong-hyun.

Yoona plays Eun San, the daughter of a very charming noble. She has a strong will and lives by hiding her identity for her own safety. Yoona will captivate two men at once, Wang Won, the ambitious Goryeo crown prince, and Wang Lin, childhood friend and bodyguard of Wang Won. Who will be the one that got the love from her ?