KMazing – As a vivid Running Man audience, I follow Song Ji Hyo closely now, as I got attached to all Running Man member. She might have achieved the level of stardom due to her character in the reality show, but if you watch her drama or her movie, at the end you gotta admit that she is also a good actress, need a prove ? Watch these drama.

6. Emergency Couple

Song Ji-hyo performed role transformation in 2014 when she accepted the challenge of playing in modern medical drama. Compete her acting with Choi Jin-hyuk, this tvN drama is so popular because their chemistry of both in a sweet bitter story. They act as Oh Jin-hee and Oh Chang-min, the divorced ex-husband due to household that is full of arguments. Several years have passed, both of them are already moving on, but what a coincidence those who are now a young doctor must be apprenticed in the same hospital, under the supervision of doctor Gook Cheon-soo who is genius but rather fierce.

7. Ex-Girlfriend Club

After taking a cameo role in the drama The Girl Who Sees Smells, Song Ji-hyo took the lead role in the tvN drama again, Ex-Girlfriend Club, where she accompanied the main actor, Byun Yo-han, along with three other beautiful young actresses. This is the story of a popular webtoon writer, Bang Myung-soo, who wrote his romance in the past with his ex-comrades. Because of the popularity of the webtoon, Myung-soo became a national celebrity and his webtoon will be adapted into a movie. And the producer assigned to the film is Kim Soo-jin, who is none other than Myung-soo’s former boyfriend. Although exciting, this drama should be trimmed episodes from 16 to 12 because the rating was too low.

8. My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week

This JTBC drama was one of the most famous during it’s time slot because of its fascinating story with stunning acting from the main actors, including Song Ji-hyo. My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week became one of the highest-rated cable TV dramas and the first great JTBC drama. The main male actor is Lee Sun-kyun, who plays a man who suspects that his wife is having an affair. This situation makes him forced to vent as strangers on the internet to find out what he should do to save his marriage that has lasted for eight years.