KMazing – After our last post which got quite warm reception, it means only one thing. Our readers really need to cry more – *hhe, am kidding* – I do believe that the rom-com with twisted ending and slow pace is the one that really grab the attention of this generation. So, in commemoration of the thought, here are another three drama that can make your eyes hurt.

3. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Surely everyone has heard of this series. This is a colossal time-travel melodrama with a blend of romance. Hae-soo is sent into the past and meets a group of handsome young princes. She is close to them all until a tragedy strikes. The drama was originally sweet and funny, but then it took changed drastically. The princes scramble for the crown and one by one face their death, including the jovial prince who finally breathes his last. He sees his wife dead and asks Wang-so, the mysterious prince, to kill her. That is the origin of this sad story. Not just the scene, the songs were emotional. And the most important factor that can make you breathless is the sequence of the final scenes. Watch it yourself.

2. 49 Days

This is a melodrama about a woman who is in a coma state after a car accident. She had one chance to live again as long as she could collect three sincere tears from people who had no blood related with her within 49 days. First, this drama will definitely drain more tears than other dramas. As she tries to collect tears, she experiences a lot of heartache because then she realizes that not many people love her in this world. People who she considered a friend was apparently not a “real friend”. The two main characters both have a miserable life. Lots of tear jerking scenes of this drama, so if you guys are looking for sad drama, 49 Days is here for you.

1. Queen In-hyun’s Man

This is a rom-com with time-travel concept about less popular actress (Choi Hee-jin) who got her first big role and a man (Kim Boong-do) who came to modern Seoul from a bygone era with the help of a charm that protected him from danger. These two people met and eventually fell in love. But it is not easy to love someone from the past because he do not know when will he be coming home. There are some very heart-wrenching scenes like when Hee-jin thinks Boong-do is dead and crying in the hospital bed, also when they’ll be together again but the talisman turns black and Boong-do is sent back in time, or when Hee-jin forgets on Boong-do after he burned the talisman but then he recalled. The last scene of this drama will drain your tears.