KMazing – Towards the end of 2017, the Korean drama will be more diverse. The actors who had been absent in the first half of 2017 are now starting to come up with their own cool dramas. The most happy ones of this news of course is the K-Drama fans. Their spectacle choices are becoming more and more often confusing. But do not be confused because we will recommend the lovey dovey Korean dramas ahead of the end of this year. Check these out!

1. Temperature of Love

This comedy romance brings a new format of 40 episodes each of which lasts 35 minutes. Seo Hyun-jin as the main role as this time she is accompanied by younger actor  Yang Se-jong. Hmm, dongsaeng-noona realtionship ? Why not. Because here each of them acts as a screenwriter drama series and a chef who met on the internet, then decided the meeting in the real world.

2. Andante

This is a teen drama starring Kai EXO. Kai is currently busy building his acting career, may be he wanted to compete with D.O ? Well who knows, he previously also appeared on the web drama Seven First Kisses. Well this time he is acting with Lee Ye-hyun. They are not lovers, but brothers from the city have to move to a school in the suburbs. At first they faced hard tim to adapt, but then they got new friends, the mysterious Kim Bom and the popular Park Garam.

3. 20th Century Boy and Girl

Beautiful artist Han Ye-seul finally graced us – her fans – with her new project, once again through a light romantic comedy drama. His co-partner this time is Kim Ji-suk and accompanied Lee Sang-woo, Ryu Hyun-kyung, and Lee Sang-hee. This is the story of three women in their 30s in a relationship that involves romance, friendship, and family. The main character is Sa Jin-jin, an artist who loved many people but she never experience dating in real life. While Gong Ji-won is a banker with a high academic degree who is so innocent and loyal to his first love.

4. Because This Is My First Life

Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min couples look so harmonious in this drama. Because This Is My First Life is about housemates. They are Nam Se-hee and Yoon Ji-ho. They are both bachelors and have problems with romance. The difference is, Se-hee has a house, while Ji-ho does not. They then decided to stay in one house and start facing various problems typical of young people in today’s world. For those waiting for Lee Min-ki’s acting as the main male actor, this is the time. This drama is pretty exciting.

5. The Package

In addition to watching the explosive duo of Jung Yong-hwa and Lee Yeon-hee, viewers can also enjoy the beautiful scenery typical of France because this drama is mostly telling about traveling. This is the story of a group of people following a tour of France guided by a beautiful woman named Yoon So-so. Everything went normal until we were introduced to the tourists one by one. They all have a unique life story. And San Ma-roo (Yong-hwa) is one of the travel participants who just dumped by his girlfriend, and there the love story starts..

6. Revolutionary Love

This one is definitely very much awaited. Why? Because this is Choi Siwon‘s comeback drama after just finishing his military service time. Viewers of course still remember his acting in She Was Pretty. He is accompanied by Hyun Bin’s girlfriend, Kang So-ra. Siwon plays Byun Hyuk, a conglomerate boy who just likes to have fun with no clear goals in life. He has a high confidence in dating women. Due to a problem, Byun Hyuk is forced to live in a poor area and to hide his identity. But that’s where he meet Baek Joon, a hardworking girl who is a renowned college graduate.

7. While You Were Sleeping

It’s been long awaited, While You Were Sleeping, starring Lee Jong-suk and Suzy is finally released at the end of September. Blending romances and fantasies, a glimpse of this drama will probably remind us of Lee Jong-suk’s old-fashioned fantasy drama similarly themed: I Can Hear Your Voice. He plays Jung Jae-chan, a young prosecutor who lacks  sense of humor. He then meets Nam Hong-joo, a young girl who is able to see bad events in the future through her dreams. And surprisingly Jae-chan eventually also develops the same abilities.

8. Witch’s Court

If you want a rather tense love story, perhaps Witch’s Court is the answer. There is a flamboyant actress Jung Ryeo-won who acts as a prosecutor and a temperament named Ma Yi-deum. She will do anything, including unlawful acts, just to win his cases. She was specifically assigned to handle cases of sexual violence. She will then meet Yeo Jin-wook, a rookie lawyer who graduates from law school and is ranked high in his class. Are these two people able to work together?

9. Go Back Couple

As always, there will always be an interesting drama from Jang Nara every year. This time she plays Ma Jin-joo, a wife who often fights with her husband, Choi Ban-do (Son Ho-joon) until they start to regret the marriage. Ban-do is a husband who feels the difficulty of living as a breadwinner, while Jin-joo is a housewife who lacks confidence. The quarrels for the argument made them start hating each other. Then they find a magical way to prevent their marriage by going into the past. How so ?

10. Meloholic

The most recent is Meloholic, OCN’s love drama starring Jung Yoon-ho aka Yunho U-Know and Kyung Soo-jin. This webtoon adaptation drama tells the story of a man who is able to read people’s thoughts and feelings when he touches them. His name is Yoo Eun-ho. For Eun-ho, this is not an advantage, but a deficiency. That’s why he becomes a person who is not easy to believe and always alert to others, including the candidates for his lover. But Eun-ho then meets a beautiful woman named Han Ye-ri and feels that she is a different girl from all the women she has ever known.