KMazing – We all heard about the news about three member of SNSD that are finally decided not to extend their contract and put up the name of Girls’ Generation in danger. Now the creep is starting to reimburse to another group in SM Entertainment, yes EXO.

The name of EXO, in the last five years has invited a lot of the world’s spotlight. EXO’s achievements and popularity make their fandom bigger and quite loyal. Worries began to appear as Girls Generation news swept up the media, will EXO someday disband? Realistically, EXO will not “dissolve” any time soon. They just debuted in 2012 and not even six years under their belt yet.

Indeed in the end EXO as a group will fade someday. They may not be able to perform as well as they used to and the members will be getting busy pursuing their solo careers. But they will stay together for at least the next few years and remain as EXO members even if one day they “retire” from this idol group. Even when they are one by one following the draft for their military service, they will come back and perform together again in their 30s like Super Junior now, well that’s the least we could hope for.

Xiumin, born in 1990, is the oldest member and maybe 2-3 years away he will be serving military service. Suho who was born in 1991 will be queuing up behind him. After that Chanyeol, Chen, and Baekhyun respectively born in 1992 will follow, then D.O. who was born in 1993, and Kai then Sehun who were born in 1994. The vocal lines will have trouble when D.O., Baekhyun, Chen, and Chanyeol have to be on their military service. Lay will not join military service because he is a non-Korean member.