KMazing – It’s unusual in the early 2000’s to see unique character as we all have now, the female lead in the past K-Drama was always that soft figure with elegant image. As the industry develop and with the demand that are getting realistic, nowadays K-Drama bravely took the step forward in proposing several unusual character in the series. Here are our other four picked that are fresh for the audience.

4. Ji Eun Tak – Goblin

She is the famous Goblin bride! Ji Eun-tak is a sweet lovable character. She is so outspoken and adorable. Her life was tough, but she always did her best. She is an emotional, cheerful and sweet young girl. The cute Kim Go-eun fits perfectly with this role.

3. Chae Young-shin – Healer

Chae Young-shin is an alluring figure. Despite having a stepfather, he got a lot of love from him like a biological child. She grew well into a girl full of energy and passion. Young-shin has many romantic sides pointed out by his proximity to Seo Jung-hoo, the mysterious Healer.

2. Jo Jang Mi – Marriage Not Dating

Jo Jang-mi is one of the most hilarious and crazy characters in the drama. She is a cheerful girl who is indifferent to what people think of her, even doing embarrassing things in front of the man she likes. Watching Jang-mi’s lunge is so entertaining, unfortunately the cast, Han Groo, has long been absent due to her marriage.

1. Do Bong Soon – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Do Bong-soon should be on this list. She is the girl born with the super power of her family heritage. She can damage anything and bend the iron with that power. She is dangerous, but on the one hand is also cute. How could the two opposite trait be in Bong-soon?