Top 10 Best Black Mirror Episodes of All Time (Up to 2017)

KMazing – It’s hard not to realize that we are on the verge of super freak internet and technology advancement with side effect that might be repulsive for our existence. Well, sometimes we might forget about the bad side of this technology that we keep on developing and Black Mirror perfectly summarized the condition about it perfectly.

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The series start of below the radar before Netflix taking over the production and hitting it on the mainstream. It’s full of creeping paranoia which reflect moral and humane side that are getting lost and lost in technology. We changed, and keep on changing to adapt toward the new trend and the impact on our life is sometimes more than we realized. Black Mirror captured the worst in us and presented in the way that are stunningly beautiful while keeping the concept bearable and close to reality that we have nowadays. Without further ado, here are the top 10 episode of Black Mirror.

Enjoy !

10. Hated in The Nation 

Karin Parke is involved in the investigation of several rather mysterious death with start-off in Social Media. This episode is the longest episode the entire series, it starts off with the sudden death of people who are bullied and harassed via social media. The whole episode was full of hacking, backdoor linking and many more savvy tech act. This episode is an epic and more look like a movie rather than a television series episode, it’s also taking several scene that may be inspired from X-Files type of episode.

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Fifteen Millions Merits

“Fifteen Million Merits” is that the most art movement episode of Black Mirror, serving up some unbelievably spectacular production style to immerse the audience during a world wherever individuals act as power generators by pedaling exercise bikes and earning “merits.” ostensibly the sole thanks to get out of that endless fate is to travel on a reality TV competition. to mention additional plot would ruin the twists, however “Fifteen Million Merits” is classic speculative fantasy. It’s lovely to appear at, and offers plenty to chew on.

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Thrill-seeking cosmopolitan Cooper visits GB, hooks up with Sonja and tests a game that are super advance, it’s terrific. the foremost attempt of Black Mirror’s tries at creating a straight horror film, it is also its most triple-crown. A spooky house narrative with a twist and a attractive flip from Wyatt “son of Kurt” Russell because the likable packer Cooper, it plays ruthlessly with the viewers’ plan of what they are seeing versus what is really happening. Playtest” may be a story concerning the potential perils of implanting a microchip contribute your brain and experiencing a virtual world. Structured as a play on haunted house horror films, mixing game components, and supply a continuing stream of twists, the important drawback with “Playtest” is that it ne’er amounts to far more than a critique of the technology itself.

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Men Against Fire 

Future troopers Stripe associated Raiman should defend frightened villagers from an infestation of vicious untamed mutants. Technologically, they have the sting to destroy them – however can that facilitate them to survive?. Perhaps the foremost spectacular Black Mirror episodes in terms of pure scale, “Men Against Fire” is plot in a very future war against creatures known as roaches. Once after the excursion intent on raid a house sheltering roaches, one soldier begins to check the reality of his actions. On the one hand, its core message is kind of obviously plant in the early stage of the episode, however “Men Against Fire” succeeds by pushing its exploration of humanity’s can to otherize and attack into the non-public and individual. it is a dark story regarding however we tend to victimize ourselves into violence, with a strong final image.

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“Nosedive” has 2 superb things going for it: Bryce Dallas Howard, whose performance is delightfully superb, and director Joe Wright, who take on his nice visual eye antecedent seen in Atonement and Hanna in touch on this bright coloured tale of future social dystopia. It’s set in a very world wherever most people are perpetually rating everybody else on a five-point rating scale, and a human average rating finally ends up dictating however they are successively treated by the folks around them. it is a classic social wittiness, incorporating our addiction to social media validation. It’s in some ways was a little bit too simple, however as an almost feature-length film, it’s very partaking.

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White Christmas

A one kinda event episode leading Jon Hamm and Rafe Spall that breaks anda removed from the show’s ancient format to inform 3 interlinked stories, ‘White Christmas’ falters a bit in its odd second act, majoring Oona filmmaker as a man-made intelligence forced into submission. however it opens robust with a alarming excursion into what the long run would possibly hold for qualitative analysis apps and wraps with a devastating climax exploring in away of “blocking” somebody would possibly translate from social media to the the real world. the ending ? more additional chilling than being stuck in an exceedingly snow globe for all eternity.

San Junipero

The most overtly devout and optimistic episode of Black Mirror up to now, “San Junipero” could be a story regarding an improbable love set within the ’80s. it is a lovely story which will cause you to cry, that cannot continuously be aforesaid of this series. better of all it’s anchored by wonderful performances from the actor and actress of the show. Taking on as a homesick blast of ’80s music and styling (other eras are available) and as an efficient, twisty-turny romance, this award winning-episode is maybe the foremost upbeat and positive nonetheless. As positive as a techno-drama regarding incapacity and death.

The National Anthem

The first, and conjointly the foremost insane Black Mirror episode is without doubt “The anthem,” that begins with a the pricess being kidnapped and also the real of a prisoner video stern a Prime Minister to screw with a pig on live tv. What follows may be a wild, tense ride through media storm, shifting public sentiment, and political calculation. it is ahard-hitting check up on the means of TV news and on-line media will bring out a number of the terribly worst in collective human instincts. a true life history concerning PM David Cameron’s young college club initiation involving a dead pig and a weird intercourse has uproariously given “The National Anthem” even a lot of social relevancy. no one could’ve foreseen that.

Be Right Back

Though darker than “San Junipero,” similar themes of death and loss create “Be Right Back” one in all is the foremost lovely, gut-wrenching episodes of TV you may ever hope to look at. It stars Haley Atwell as a lady that has recent lost her husband. In an effort to bring him back to her work, she uses a service that collects a deceased person’s entire net activity, and with it creates a facsimile of that memory. Things get a lot of and a lot of disturbingly real from there, however at its core, “Be Right Back” is talking regarding the unbelievable pain of loss, and therefore the issue of attempting to carry on life without the loved on who has passed. it is the grander of Black Mirror episode. Associate bunch example of everything the show did the best, and its capability for deep humanist reflection in life.

The Entire History of You

Jesse Armstrong’s ‘The Entire History of You’ sees the Show co-creator leave of his comedy temperature to explore what would happen if wearable technical  and surveilance investigation culture had a alarming rate. What if our each waking moment was recorded for posterity? What if we tend to prove what somebody had aforementioned did, however wrong they were, within the inside of a heated argument?
At its core, Black Mirror is talking regarding the way technology has the ability to form – or wreck – human relationships. that makes ‘The Entire History of You’ the purest example of the shape, charting the whole disintegration of man’s life in little below an hour. It’s regarding our own human idiosyncrasies and flaws instead of a couple of artistic movement contraption – and that is what makes the total issue thus really, really plausible.