Top 20 Best Movies of All Time You Need to Watch (Up to 2017)


20Top 20 Best Movies of All Time (Up to 2017)

KMazing – Still looking for movies to watch? Or you are one that doesn’t want to waste your time to watch poorly directed movies like me? Well, luckily as movie lover myself I have crafted top 20 best movies of all time, I know it’s kinda generic looking from other list but it is ABSOLUTELY NOT guys.

The list contains movies from different genre and you might find one or two that are too sloppy for your taste or the rank is too low or high according to your standard. Well, how one perceived story is different as we have different perceptions so the list tends to change according to people to people, anyway let’s cut the crap and get on to the list. Enjoy ! and don’t forget to hit out comment section below if you have any recommendation of movie that I need to watch. Ciao.

Let’s go!

20. Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction has a lot of fans, are you one of them? This film tells the story of the lives of two assassins, a boxer, a criminal’s wife, and some other interesting characters that you will not meet in other films. The film is directed by the famous director Quentin Tarantino was able to earn 1 Oscar and 60 other awards. Its 154-minute duration is enough to show 4 different pieces of themed stories and crime.



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