KMazing – I do believe that romantic comedy genre can trigger K-Drama addiction. With their unique and imaginative plot as the main feature of this genre, the level of astonishing drama and conflict in each episode always stun the audience. Romantic comedy is a rather difficult drama because each audience has a different love story taste, but this four less popular romantic-comedy drama is also one of the classy series which is very good in terms of plot and actors/actress-wise.

4. The Greatest Love

This love drama takes place in a showbiz industry featuring an actor who is at the top of his career with a low-down actress who used to be part of a famous girlband and is now being treated unfairly by public judgment. Dokko Jin’s naughty and selfish protective instinct will arise when he meets Ae-jung’s pure yet vulnerable character.

3. My Girl

A rich man hires a beautiful girl to pretend to be her long-lost cousin in order for her grandfather’s health to recover gradually. Problems arise when they start falling in love. My Girl teaches that time can make us more courageous to love someone and how love will remain strong when separated.

2Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Sungkyunkwan Scandal changed the mindset of viewers that the sageuk drama must always be serious and impossible to get close to the romanti-comedy genre. This roman and bromance drama tells of a girl who disguises as a man for work and education. There are many romantic scenes of traditional nuance that color this exciting drama.

1. Personal Taste 

A vulnerable girl, Park Kae-in is betrayed by her own friend who teases her boyfriend. She then meets a handsome young architect, Jeon Jin-ho, who has a mission to restore the glory of his father’s company by analyzing a house designed by a legendary architect, who is none other than Kae-in’s father. Kae-in thinks Jin-ho is a gay and lets him live with him. Then, they develop feelings towards each other.

Featured Image: DRAMAFEVER