KMazing – There are plenty of idol group in Korea right now, it’s already hard for one group to even catch the glimpse of spotlight in K-Pop but it’s harder for one member of the group to standout and steal the thunder for him/herself. But with the high level of intensity in battle to make it in K-Pop, there are several that finally made their name in other sector of the industry. Here are three not-so-long-ago-debut idol that gaining more fame via their participation in acting.

3. N – VIXX

N made his debut in 2012 with VIXX but as the group take their time in gaining momentum, N was actively involved in several drama such as Hotel King (2014), The Family Is Coming (2015), Cheer Up! (2015), Ms. Perfect (2017). With several title under his belt, N could be consider as one of the most successful name on the list of rookies actor/idol.

2. Yook Sung Jae – BTOB

You might not be familiar with BTOB but Yook Sung Jae ? If you don’t know him, you might be a bit late boarding the hype train in Korean Entertainment. Sung Jae first create his name while taking part in television drama titled Who Are You: School 2015 ?. Later on, he became one of the most talked idol in the industry while taking part in the mega famous drama Goblin (2016) playing the role of Yoo Duk Hwa.

  1. Park Hyung Sik – ZE:A

Park Hyung Sik is the reason behind the foundation of my intention in making this list. I do realize that he is part of the idol group after his performance during My Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It’s quite unbelievable at first to accept that a man with his caliber doesn’t take the path of acting from the first time of his debut.

Hyung Sik started his debut in drama world in 2012 with Foolish Mom (2012), Sirius (2013), Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (2013), The Heirs (2013), What Happens to My Family? (2014-2015), High Society (2015), She Was Pretty (2015), Hwarang (2016-2017) and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon which solidify his status as one of the most prominent member of Idol/Actor in Korean Entertainment.